UN Observation

year, May 31 is World No Smoking Day. Smoking is a curse but only in a
civilized society. Where there is ignorance, there is open freedom of this
occupation. Now you can better compare yourself to which society you belong to.
Be it on buses, in offices, at home or a party. 

No tobacco day smoking

is no point in confusing such people. Yes, give such people such psychological
beatings that they are ashamed of themselves, nor can they be justified in
doing anything. For example, someone on the bus started smoking. You look at it
with anxious eyes, whether this immoral act of yours is a matter of great
regret or get up immediately in a contemptuous manner and sit down elsewhere.
That would be enough to humiliate him or her. 

do not lose the habit of smoking, because it is an addiction. But why do we have
this habit? There are many reasons for this. When a child reaches the age of
puberty, he begins to consider himself older by smoking. Later on, this same
hobby intoxicates him and not only makes him addicted to cigarettes but also
keeps him in this curse for the rest of his life. 

in COVID-19 

you are a smoker, tired of the current situation at home, surely you have
increased your smoking? You are not alone. The use of cigarettes and many other
addictive substances has increased worldwide during the current state of


kills more than 7 million people each year, including those who do not smoke,
but the smoke goes up. But more than 6 million people have died from using it

World Health Organization says 80 percent of the world’s 1.1 billion smokers
come from middle- or low-income countries. 

American Tobacco estimates that the global tobacco market is worth billions of