Science Day
is celebrated around the world on November 10 every year. World
Science Day for Peace and Development is being celebrated all over the world,
including Pakistan, to create awareness about the benefits of science around
the world. One of the aims of World Science Day for Peace and Development is to
renew the national and international commitment that science will be used for
the benefit of society.


world science day

is science?

means knowledge, and knowledge means knowing or gaining knowledge, so science
also means knowing and gaining knowledge. Observing the environment around you
and thinking about various natural things is science, and a person who thinks
and thinks in this way is called a scientist. That is, a scientist is one who observes,
thinks, and draws conclusions. Science is fundamental to economic, political,
and social expansion.

fact, the purpose of celebrating National Science Day is to promote scientific
communication in public life and scientific approach in public, to discuss new
technology, to make human life comfortable with scientific inventions, to make
science and technology popular among the people, to connect science with
humanity. , Creating a scientific trend and doing scientific research for the
welfare of human beings, etc.

you have ever seen a plant dry up, you have guessed that if the plants are
watered, they will turn green and grow, and if not watered, they will wither,
then you have done two things. One is that you have observed the natural process
of drying and greening of plants and the other is that you have considered and
thought that it is due to lack of water.

is the science of observing and then thinking about it, and you can rightly
call yourself a scientist. This process of observing and reflecting on natural
factors and phenomena is called the scientific method or method of knowledge,
and the information that is gathered from this scientific method is also called
It is called science.