The foundations of Spiritual Peace:


o discuss the theory of personality, various experts have
opened the door of research in every age, what is this human being? Researching
to find out what the real truth of man is? As a result, someone said that man
is the name of the body, someone said that the man is the name of the soul, and
somebody said that man possesses many attributes. For example, when a person
says, I am. I can do it, or we have done it. The words such as in the example
“I” or “We” represents a complete human being.

Moreover, this is the mixed form of a man. Man is a combination
of soul and body. Everyone is known by his or her personality. Personality is
the name of the individual’s complete unit. Personality includes both external
and internal aspects. Serving humanity brings spiritual and physical peace.

The importance of art or heritage is its place, and the
usefulness of the environment is its place. A baby is born with many
attributes. Some of these attributes are common to all human beings. While some
attributes are present in the individual.



Body and Soul:

As stated earlier, man is a mixture of both soul and
body. Let us try to describe these two aspects separately. (GOD) Allah Almighty
has created the body from dust and water. Therefore, Allah Almighty has placed
all the basic needs of the body in the soil of this earth. Such as human food, for
example, the earth grows a variety of crops, wheat, corn, sugarcane,
vegetables, rice, pulses, all kinds of fruits, water, and forb (animals food)
for all animals, etc. All these food commodities grow in the same soil.

If cattle such as cow, goat, and buffalo eat grass in the
form of fodder, where do they eat it from? Which is grown in the same soil. Suppose
that if the human body does not get all these basic food and water in adequate
quantity, then of course man will be weak and a man will eventually die if he
or she does not get all these food items at all.

In the same way, Allah Almighty has sent our soul from
heaven. Therefore, the spiritual food of this soul is also sent down from
heaven as well. So what is that? that spiritual food is to remembering Allah,
reciting the Holy Book (Qur’an), therefore the peace of the soul and the peace
of the heart lies in them.

If this soul does not get its proper amount of food, it
will also become weak like the body. That is why both need a proper diet. If
one of the two does not get his proper diet, as a result, they will get sick
and weak, both or one of them. The body requires different diets. If it does
not get that proper diet, it becomes ill and weak. Therefore, a proper diet
should be provided for both.

Only then will we have spiritual, heart, and mental
peace. Otherwise, the result will be the opposite.

The material world and immaterial world and peace:

Peace is an immaterial thing. Moreover, a man tries to
get it through material resources. However, he has succeeded to some extent in
gaining physical comfort. However, man is far from spiritual peace, it seems
impossible to find peace of mind nowadays.

Every human being is suffering and distress, some are
suffering from economic hardship, some are suffering from disease, some are
suffering from the miseries of society. How strange that an immaterial body
which human beings will have, so human beings have everything, but if human
beings do not have it, then man is empty-handed despite everything.

What kind of material progress is this in which the
destination is not known and nor is it taken care of? This physical relaxation
is leading to spiritual decline. Why is not this physical comfort giving us
peace of mind? We are becoming weak not only spiritually but also physically.
Our joys are giving rise to our sorrows and anxieties.

The Aerophyte of uneasiness is eating the tree of our
life and is constantly being eaten. Man’s external peace also suffers from internal
disintegration. However, the thing to worry about is that we think about it,
that we are worried, but we do not look for its reasons to worry.

The abundance of unfulfilled desires has pushed a human
being into the well of misery. Too much wealth or too many children is the
cause of misery. There is no peace anywhere. If we think a little more
carefully, we will know that these are just worries. We have so much money in
the banks, and despite that money, the fear does not go away.

Wealth has come, but the peace of the heart is gone. The
rich man has a lot of trouble. These hospitals are not being built without any
reason, because the people are getting very sick and as a result of extreme
anxiety the hospitals are full of mentally ill patients.

The self-esteem (nafs) is a force within man, from which he desires
something. This desire can be for good as well as for evil. The child is born
innocent by nature., so the child is faultless, The environment reflects the
effects of good and evil, good and bad in it and thus the sense of self

How to get real spirituality and peace of mind?

Allah Almighty has perfected every part of man, if he
does not attain perfection, then he is restless and anxious. For example, the
work of the eye is to see, the work of the ear is to hear, the work of the
tongue is to taste.

When the strength of these organs, which are associated
with perfection, is lost, their departure leads to weakness and anxiety. The
peace of the heart is in the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

When the heart is deprived of this precious wealth, it is
caught in severe torment and anxiety. Like the eye losing its light and the
tongue losing its eloquence. When a man begins the journey from doubt to
belief, from ignorance to light, from negligence to remembrance, from sin to honesty,
from hypocrisy to sincerity, from falsehood to truth, from laziness to agility,
from pride to humility, and from evil to good.

Then the human soul begins to find peace. All this is
based on goodness and self-awareness.


How did you finally find peace? Is it possible to attain
immaterial peace with material things? In my opinion, man cannot attain peace
unless he understands the purpose of the Creator. Being close to the Creator of
the universe gives peace in all circumstances.

Passion is an attribute that is radically higher and
different from a place of interest. Passion is a spiritual status. It has to do
with heart and soul. The place of interest is related to the body, matter, and
material development.

When a man understands the fact of annihilation that
everything has to be annihilated, then in acknowledging annihilation there is
liberation from this constant pain. Obedience to the true Creator of the
Universe is the only source of salvation from suffering and the true source of
man’s peace of mind, and it should be man’s only source of life.

According to the religious leaders, human nature is not
the real evil, nor did man come into this world as a result of any sin, but
man’s creation is based on sound nature, and he has been given the authority that
he may build his personality by taking the path of good if he wishes and
dissolve his personality by taking the path of evil if he wishes.

Man’s conscience makes him aware of evil, but it is man’s
own weakness that he commits evil knowingly. Religious leaders view good and
evil in terms of the soul, personality, and the mysteries of the self. He
believes that the power of self-construction and destruction lies within the
personality of a conscious being.

Therefore, we must give up all forms of activity that
tend to dissolve the personality, such as humility, contentment, slavery, and
so on. On the contrary, there are high spirits, high morale, generosity, and legitimate
pride in one’s traditions and strength, which strengthens one’s sense of

Personality is man’s dearest asset, so he should be
considered as an absolute good, and the value of all his deeds should be judged
on the same standard. Good is the one that awakens the sense of personality and
bad is the one that suppresses the personality and ultimately tends to destroy

Man creates his personality every moment with his
imagination and desires and actions. If bad thoughts come to his mind or he
commits evil due to his haste, it has a bad effect on his personality.

Evil does not enter the nature of man, but he is
attracted to evil by the urgency of his nature. When a person hears or sees
something, his immediate reaction is hasty, but if he pauses for a while and
thinks, his reaction becomes reasonable. It is as if the act of haste is the
act of animal instinct, and meditation, patience, and endurance are reasonable
actions, and this is the real human behavior.

Good is truth, strength, and light, while evil is
darkness, moral depravity, and weakness. Evil is outwardly beautiful. Its power
is hollow and temporary. Freedom, honor, courage, discipline, high spirits, determination,
tolerance, service to the people, activity, and creative action are
manifestations of goodness.

Individuals and nations with these abilities are
representatives of goodness. On the contrary, slavery, and subjugation,
superstition, inaction, terrorism and disorder, colonialism, violence, and
sectarianism, and lust for money are manifestations of evil.

Religious leaders see man as God’s vicegerent, with a
duty to subjugate nature and to adopt the principle of respect for humanity in
interpersonal relationships. Both of these methods increase a person’s strength
and power. His self becomes stronger and he gets closer to the real Creator. 

Through the conquest of nature, man becomes aware of the
laws of nature and becomes acquainted with the secrets of creation. It is also
a form of nearness to God Almighty. The goal of progress in the physical
sciences should be human freedom and prosperity, and this is possible only when
scientific inventions and inventions are used for human welfare, not for the
destruction of human beings.