God Almighty has created a human
being from two things. A body and a soul. 

A Body: God created the body from
dust. Which is from the earth in the world? The way I told before that the
human body is made from the dust of the earth. Therefore, God has put all the
needs of this body in the same soil. All food etc. for example, all crops,
vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, wind, weather sun, moon and all kind of drinks
and water etc. however, God created a variety of crops to meet the needs of
human beings. The man also needs clothes to cover his body, and to cover his
private parts. Moreover, this human being needs clothes to dress his body and
to save him according to the weather change. If there is a decrease in any of
these requirements, namely food and drinks, then the body parts or organs
become weaker. Therefore, the body becomes weak, weak because of lack of food
and other lifesaving needs, and man is suffering from many diseases. The doctor
recommends healthy food for eating when a patient is inspecting by the doctor.
Moreover, if a human does not take treatment on time then man dies eventually.
When he uses the food and drinks as per the instructions of the doctor, then
the patient becomes healthy soon. Additionally, he starts his life again. Just
as the patient fulfills the need for his diet by following the instructions of
the doctor and he became healthy again, and his body reinforced again. 

A Soul: Similarly, Allah Almighty
sent the soul from the heaven, from the sky. God has revealed the Soul, Spirit
from heaven that is why her diet has come from above as well. If human beings
meet the needs of the soul, they will not only feel physical but also
spiritually better. In addition, to meet the needs of the soul, God’s Almighty
remembrance is a very important act because therefore, if there is no
arrangement for fulfilling the soul’s diet, the heart is unhappy at all times,
there is no comfort. In addition, man does not sleep properly in the night.
Human beings do not feel better and comfortable. The way God put all the needs
of the body in the earth. Similarly, the diet of the soul is revealed from
heaven. However, due to the weaknesses of the Five Senses of human beings, the
man keeps finding its comfort calmness in the material things of the earth.
Because of which man always remains unhappy. Because man determines his
direction in a bad way and always remains unhappy and uncomfortable. Because
calmness is available in materialistic things, the soul needs its fulfillment
from the above, because it came from above the heaven. Therefore, God sent down
heavenly books to guide humanity. Therefore, we should follow the instructions
of God’s book. In this heavenly book, mankind has salvation and whole success. 

Lastly: Inside every human being, there is a power of evil and power of good
or virtue as well. The animal nature body of human beings drags a man’s
towards the ground. The body just needs to be comforted
whether they are in any way legitimate or illegitimate. On the contrary, our
soul wants to call us towards the elevation, towards God Almighty, because
everything, matter, the object returns to
its origin. Our body is produced from dust; its ultimate center is ground soil.
In addition, the soul has been revealed above the sky, so its focus is God’s. It
wants to worship God Almighty. 

The body of the man drags it towards
the animal’s desires, and the soul
it towards the God for spiritual relaxation. This conflict always runs in the
life of every human being. However, it is a successful person who
pays attention and surrenders his will to the
spirit, soul, God Almighty’s
will, because
it is the real and
ultimate success. Therefore,
the whole life of man passes through the struggle between his body and soul. 

It is the duty of every human being to fulfill the rights of both the body
and the soul. However, with legal way. In addition, fulfill both the rights of
the body and the soul in such a way that both of them become satisfied. As a
result, the complete satisfied souls came into
existence, (content with the order of Allah Almighty and there is nothing else
that makes them happy). It
explains by
the Holy Quran here: 

This word has been used in the Holy Quran is Nafs-ul-Mutmainnah.
(Completely Satisfied Soul). 

[To the righteous it will be said],
“O reassured soul, Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to
Him], [89:27-28]. 

Conclusion: Man will be satisfied
and successful when they arrange it, That is, material food for material
existence and spiritual diet for the soul, which is only in the remembrance of

  • Indeed, the example of Jesus to
    Allah is like that of Adam. He created Him from dust; then He said to him,
    “Be,” and he was. Quran: [al ‘Imraan 3:59]. 
  • It is He who created you from clay
    and then decreed a term and a specified time [known] to Him; then [still] you
    are in dispute. Quran: [al-An’aam 6:2]. 
  • From the earth We created you, and
    into it We will return you, and from it We will extract you another time. Quran:
    [Ta-Ha 20:55] 
  • Then inquire of them, [O Muhammad],
    “Are they a stronger [or more difficult] creation or those [others] We
    have created?” Indeed, We created men from sticky clay. Quran:
    [al-Saaffaat 37:11] 
  • And We did certainly create man out
    of clay from an altered black mud. Quran: [al-Hijr 15:26] 
  • Those who have believed and whose
    hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the
    remembrance of Allah’s hearts are assured. Quran: [13:28].