What is Fate or Destiny

If all the things, that happen to us are pre-destined, then how come we are accountable for our deeds then why reward or punishment for our acts? Then why Heaven or Hell? Today I want to explain and clarify it. The truth is that this question disturbs and grieves me for a while and I use to think if really Allah Almighty (GOD) had already written everything for me that on so and so time I will write an article here… I will write this content…will offer worship (Prayer) at so and so time… will call names to so and so person…will scold or slap so and so person…I’ll goes to school or college or university at that time… I will go to the office factory or hospital at that time. If all these things are pre-scheduled, pre-programmed, or pre-printed by Allah Almighty (GOD) in my fate or destiny? Why I blame? The blame goes to who has written my fate… this point is pernicious let us get to it… what is Fate? The Arabic word used by Fate is “ILMULLAHI SABIQ” which means pre-attained knowledge of Allah (GOD) Almighty. God knows that today I will at so and so time by my own free will… of my own accord… with my own free-thinking and with my independent actions… will do so and so deed…I am doing this deed freely by myself and by my own intention… 

fate destiny

However, the point is that Allah (God) Almighty is… Indeed, it is You who is Knower of the unseen. [Quran, Chapter (The Table Spread) # 5, Verse, 116]. Truly, You, Only You (Allah Almighty) truly are the All-Knower of all that is hidden. In addition, Allah is All-Knower of that which is in (the secrets of yours) hearts. [Quran, Chapter (The Family of Imran) #3, Verses # 119, 154]. 

I do not know about myself what I will do tomorrow in the morning time but…Allah knows…I do not know where I will be after 10 years and what I will be doing… at so and so time, However, Allah Almighty knows… Allah (GOD) Almighty knows about all my deeds, which I will do in the future independently and freely… Allah (GOD) knows about what I will do so and so and so deed with free will at so and so time… Allah (GOD) has kept all these things written by Himself. Because He (Allah) has to run all the systems of the Universe. 

Allah Almighty’s (GOD) knowledge is magnificent. Nevertheless, His Knowledge does not coincide with my intention. I will try to explain this by an event that occurs with me…, which reveals me to what Fate really is? It was about 45 years before; in my office, there lives a famous Astrologer. One day he entered my office and offers his services to me. I tell him straight forward that I have no time for this trivial matters: nonsense deeds, I do not believe in astronomy. I am a busy person; do not didle me in such brandish. He then requests me that he will take just a single minute of mine…on which I agreed. 

He then opens a chart of paper on which there were 40 cells containing names of 40 different random things…as a book, pen, notebook, chair, mosque, temple, ink-pot, table, etc… He then asks me to select one of these things and write down its name on some paper secretly. At the same moment, he picks a piece of paper from my desk and writes down something on it and overleaf it on the table. At this, I query him about this action. He answers me, he has already written down the name of the thing, which you will choose and write. Now, this makes me worried this becomes a droll show. The word, which I will write advisedly after a while with my own, will. He has already written it down in that paper in front of me. Then I start thinking to write that word which he has not written on that paper. I think to choose this word on the chart, and I think to choose that word. At last, wearily I wrote one word on a piece of paper and show him what I have written. 

Then he overleaf the paper and the word written on that paper was the same which I have chosen. Now I cannot tell how he has done so, through knowledge, contrivance, or chance GOD Almighty knows better, but the lesson I learn that day was that, whatever I have written, I choose by myself not abiding what he has written, but that person already knew what I will choose, and write it down, then I think, Man! If a person with limited knowledge, can keep written with him, my future deed which I have not committed yet and will do by my own intention without being forced, if such thing can be done by a human then why not Allah (GOD) Almighty. Allah Almighty (GOD) has kept all my future deeds written by Himself. Because He (GOD) has to find means for my food, for my life, for my death, accommodation in my grave and many more… 

Hence, Allah (GOD) has collected all my data for His information that I will do by my own will in the future. These deeds written with Allah (GOD) Almighty do not annul my free will of deeds… My responsibility does not nullify, Hence, Allah Almighty (GOD) will hold responsible for the deeds done by us solely, there are few things in which Allah (GOD) will not hold us responsible as that is part of his system, or, due to pressure…but there are some deeds in which GOD Almighty has purely given us free will… we will be held responsible for such deeds. We will be rewarded for what deed we did in Hereafter, we will get punishment for what deed we did… May Allah Almighty (GOD) save us all from His punishment? Similarly, on accord of our deeds, we will get heaven or Hell. However, we do deed freely and with our own concern, that is another thing Allah (GOD) knows what deeds will be done by us today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, after a year, after ten years and so on. All written with Him (Allah Almighty), is the Mother of the Book. 

But the deeds we do, we do it with our intention and free will and will be held responsible for them. (Quran, Chapter # 13, The Thunder, Verse # 39). 

Source: Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik (Late) A Renowned Islamic Scholar.