Many of windows phone users are experiencing a new unexpected
issue with Windows Phone 8.1, as their devices can no longer sign in with
Microsoft Accounts, which means that windows phones become useless. What
exactly is happening is hard to express on the other hand windows phone users
are complaining that when attempting to set up their Microsoft accounts on
Windows Phone 8.1 devices, the process fails with an error reading, “We can’t
connect right now. Wait a few moments and try again.” Unnecessary to say,
trying again later makes no difference and the issue persists. 

microsoft end of support windows phones

Microsoft Behavior

Microsoft has left its Windows Phone
customer just as if an Army General leaves his army on the border during the
war. Like guns without a cartridge. If windows phone customers cannot connect
with Microsoft store to download Apps or Games according to their needs and
desire. What is the use of such a smartphone? I request to the Microsoft to
take a step for the benefits of its customers just make sure the Windows Phone
customers can get access to the Microsoft account so that customer can download
the old apps or games from the windows store.

Mostly affecting Windows Phone 8.1

Despite the fact it was initially
believed that this was an issue encountered by windows phone users who
downgraded from Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 using the Windows
Device Recovery Tool
, posts on Microsoft’s Community forums seem to indicate
that this is happening on Windows Phone devices that were never upgraded to the
new OS as well.