has teamed up with Vodafone and Thales to introduce the new Integrated SIM
(iSim) which is an alternative to e-SIM and physical SIM cards. iSim is
basically the type that will be installed in the processor of the device. This
will eliminate the need to replace the physical SIM in the phones and will be
able to use larger batteries, more memory, and other components. 

SIM Cards

three companies demonstrated the concept of iSim on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Philip
3. iSim is based on standard SIM, but there is a fundamental difference. E-SIM
requires a separate chip that processes data, but the main feature of i-SIM is
that it eliminates the need for extra space for SIM services, while all the
advantages of e-SIM such as remote SIM Uses are part of it. The new standard
will also allow a wide variety of dividers, such as Apple, laptops, tablets, VR
headsets, and IoT developers, to benefit from an active data connection.

888 processor for Galaxy Z Philip 3 for iSim was modified and then tested on the
Vodafone network. According to Qualcomm, better performance, increase in memory
capacity and better system integration will be enabled from iSim.

not clear yet, that how long can the first iSim devices be introduced in the