solar-powered vehicle Lightyear 1 travels 248 miles on a single charge

solar car claiming to be the ‘most efficient’ traveled 248 miles at 81mph on a
single charge.


is a lot of work being done on electric vehicles these days, but there are also
plans to build rides that can run on solar energy. A Dutch company has set a
target of launching a solar-powered vehicle by mid-2022.

electric vehicle called Lightyear  1 is
being manufactured by the Dutch company Lightyear. In recent tests, the car
has been able to travel 248 miles on a single charge at a speed of 81 miles per

solar powered lightyear car
Source: businessinsider.com – Lightyear/lightyear.one

car traveled so much on a single charge of 60 kW battery in this car. Unlike
previous tests, these new tests were performed in high-speed and cold
environments to test the effectiveness of the technology.

to the company, both factors affect the efficiency of the car, so we wanted to
see how the car works in different real-world situations. For this purpose, it
was tested on a track in Aprilia, a town in Italy, and the energy consumption
rate of Lightyear  One was recorded at
141 Wh / km on this track.

company said that this means that the car can cover a distance of more than 400
km on a single charge, for example, it can travel from Amsterdam to Luxembourg
on a single charge. The statement said that this distance is one and a half
times more than other vehicles with similar battery sizes in the market.

previous tests, the car had covered 440 miles on a single charge. The company
has opened the booking of this car in European countries and has set a booking
price of One hundred and Seventy-One thousand Dollars. ($171,000).

to the company, the car will be available to consumers by the summer of 2022.