The Director
of battery technologies at Tesla Motors gives details a few significant
essentials which show the way to the Roadster’s achievement. One of them was
the taking up of laptop lithium-ion batteries and structuring safe and forceful
energy storage out of them. 

tesla motor lithium ion battery

Tesla motor lithium ion battery-image by HowStuffWorks

Battery Known:

Tesla Roadster uses a battery known as 18650, eventually designed for laptop
computers. The car does not consume 10, otherwise a hundred, on the other hand,
6,831 of them, sufficient to release a 56 kWh power onto the Roadster’s
electric motors as well as wheels. This power is sufficient to get you from 0
to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds (depending on the car’s version).


also understood that they convene complexity in making an ultimate arrangement
with different battery manufacturers because they had reservations if something
would take place it would demolish their image. But nothing awful did occur. On
the contrary, Tesla succeeded in building an electric vehicle that’s both
pleasant to look at and powerful, with the self-sufficiency of 394 kilometres,
dissimilar any of the contestants. Kelty articulates they didn’t desire to make
compromises, even if it prices more.

he says, “that our company is renowned, several battery manufacturers are
present their products to us.” Tesla’s Roadster and the forthcoming ‘Model S’
will hold a similar battery. It has cooling and heating systems on-board, and
the whole system has been designed so as if one of the batteries expires, the
others aren’t affected. Only the driver is observant by a message sending him
to the dealer to see why the battery had passed away and to substitute it.

Future Version:

battery chef at Tesla points out that the future versions of the models they
premeditated and produce will not feature batteries coming from only one
producer. He anticipates cost plunge in the battery market and this will
guarantee them a wider range of suppliers, as well as the current Japan-based
we will not anxiety to reveal the names of those battery dealers. When common customers
buy notebook PCs, they do not care about the names of battery creator, do they?
I consider that the same thing can be said to EVs,”