watch a cricket match a semi-final between Pakistan and India felt very nice.
India has won this semi-final I congratulate the Indian Cricket team. But we
the people of both countries should not make this problem of ego. Because this
is just a game. Winning or losing is a part of a game. If any team loses a match
nobody died. The sorrow and concern are that if there was a war between the two
countries what happens then. Blood flows unjustly on both sides. 

cricket diplomacy

Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi died. Both honorable was the founder of
their nations. Both honorable and respected didn’t give us the freedom that we
both nations fought with each other. Sometimes we fight for the Kashmir dispute
and some time on other things. Can we just fight with each other and can not do
anything else, such as ‘Friendship’.

sacrifices have been offered to the people of every religion for India’s
independence before partition. Whoever dies? Never said that Muslims are dying,
Hindus are dying Sikh are dying and Christian is dying, only saying that
Indians are dying. I do not know what the reason of Partition was. But now the
partition has occurred. Governments of both countries should drift towards

thinking is better for both nations and countries. We must spend our precious
wealth on the welfare of our people, not on the making of weapons of mass
destruction. We should cooperate on every level. We fought the three wars that
have we gained, nothing just hatred, and lost our loved ones. We just play
games with each other, not fight. This border should we just limited to map
only. We should keep just love in our hearts.

urge to loving people of Pakistan and India please give more and more comments
so that our governments can take this peace request seriously and take concrete
and fruitful steps towards peace and stability. So that peace prevails in both
the countries and so we can live in peace, love, and happiness with each other.
And finally, I will include these two phrases certainly. I’m sure you all will
agree with them.