Global Food Day 

World Food Day 2021: Theme 


he theme for World Food Day 2021 is “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”. The theme of this year is based on appreciating the individuals who have contributed to creating sustainable surroundings where no one is left hungry. 


Every year on October 16, World Food Day is celebrated around the world with the determination that the most basic need of every person on the planet, ie the supply of food, will be made possible. But the situation is getting worse. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization FAO  

World Food Day is celebrated around the world on October 16 every year. This day commemorates the founding of the World Food and Agriculture Organization. The Food and Agriculture Organization is a major United Nations agency working to promote food and agriculture around the world. 

This institution was established in 1945. This day is celebrated by all the member countries of the United Nations around the world. World Food Day is also celebrated nationally in Pakistan every year. The purpose of which is to raise awareness among the people. 


Every year, a large number of events – from marathons and hunger marches to exhibitions, cultural performances, contests, and concerts – are organized in around 150 countries across the world to celebrate World Food Day 

On this day, responsible people from all walks of life and the government reaffirm their commitment to eradicate hunger and poverty from the world. That is why this day has a special significance all over the world. With each passing day, the growing population, and rising inflation, the number of people suffering from malnutrition is increasing daily. 

Global Events 

World Food Day 2021 celebrations began with a global event where participants noted that while the challenges of global hunger, climate crisis, and COVID-19 remain formidable, there is also a new momentum and energy behind efforts to transform our agri-food systems, making them more fit for purpose. 

Causes of Food insecurity 

Food insecurity can lead to overgrowth and a lack of essential nutrients. Food insecurity can be largely overcome by promoting nutritional information and good habits. But it requires a comprehensive and effective strategy. 

Our responsibilities

There is a need to provide food in school and promote kitchen gardening in homes to eliminate and completely control hunger. This requires the introduction of good quality seed modern and irrigation systems and the development of processing facilities. 

Similarly, there is a need to ensure the provision of food supplements and other necessities in the backward areas. Only a complete and comprehensive strategy can solve this problem effectively. The question of what role we can play as individuals is also very important. 

For this, we need to check our daily diet, whether we use it according to the scale of food needs in the world. At the same time, to eliminate hunger from the world, we need to consider how much food and water we waste in our daily lives and our homes. We must stop this loss so that we can better fulfill our individual and collective responsibility to provide food security to future generations. 

Earth produces sufficient food according to the global need 

It is not that food is being produced less in the world, but it is the result of mismanagement and poor policies, which cause a significant portion of food to be wasted instead of going to the stomach of a hungry person. Globally, enough food is produced for all human beings, but one-third of that food is wasted. The problem of food shortages can be solved if a strategy is devised to prevent food wastage and make the same food available to the poor for free or cheaply. 

Purpose of celebrating World Food Day  

World Food Day is celebrated on October 16 every year under the auspices of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. This year’s theme is “Eliminate Hunger by 2030,” aimed at increasing food production and taking steps to address food shortages. Strategies need to be developed to address future issues such as malnutrition to save future generations from malnutrition. 

According to the United Nations, this goal can be achieved by 2030 if food is not wasted and more agriculture is done with fewer resources. 

Solution of Hunger and food shortage 

The solution to the feeling of hunger is fasting because when your stomach is empty, the feeling of hunger of other people will be felt in your heart. Therefore, fasting is obligatory in Islam.