Environment Day

theme for World Environment Day 2020 is, ‘Time for Nature,’
World Environment Day is celebrated
every year on June 5 to highlight the problems caused by climate change.

World Environment Day is a day of
commitment to make the environment safer. 

world environment day 2020 theme

World Environment Day Theme 2020

Today is World Environment Day. On
the occasion of this day, the United Nations Environment Program has released a
report which explains the various ways to prevent environmental pollution. 

latest report from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) calls for
stopping deforestation, avoiding unsustainable farming practices, and adopting
environmentally friendly methods to protect the Earth’s environment from the
effects of greenhouse gases.

Environment Day
is being celebrated under the theme “Time for
Nature”, which aims to highlight the natural beauty, its importance, and
the protection of the planet.

Environment Day
is a day of commitment to make the environment safer.
Environment Day is a day for everyone and everywhere, which since its inception
in 1972 has highlighted factors such as environmental, aerial, wildlife crime,
and increasing tree production. The theme invites us to think about the time
and dependence on nature and challenges us to find ways to promote and enjoy
this important theme based on our experience. Staying connected to nature and
taking time for it evokes new passion and enthusiasm in man and reduces stress
and anger. “Yes, I am with nature.” That can be a prelude to a
peaceful environment for future generations, the protection of nature is both
our responsibility and part of our faith. 

world environmental day 2020

world’s industrial development and carelessness in the use of natural resources
have put the lives of every living thing on earth, whether animals or plants,
at stake. Experts say that the planet is now clearly protecting itself. And
emphasizing the importance of raising a voice for survival. At present nature
is plagued by many problems such as wildfires in Australia, extreme heat, and
the worst locust attack in Kenya. Similarly, the world is now facing COVID-19,
which has become a catastrophe for the whole world. Climate change, man-made
changes in nature as well as deforestation, the use of artificial methods to
increase agriculture and livestock production, or the trade in illegal wildlife
can increase the transmission of infectious diseases from animals.

playing in the mud, gardening, close to nature, and healthy life is guaranteed,
but in the current situation we are doing something with the land. In fact, we
are damaging the natural system, and this is the best time for us to reconnect
with nature and play our part in building a healthy, clean society.

Man has a great hand in destroying this present environment. I want to make it
clear that we leave everything to our governments. And we run away from our
duties in this matter. If we just take on the responsibility of cleaning our
house and street, it will have a huge impact on the environment. Therefore, I
request you to not only use verbal words but also to take practical steps to
keep this environment clean.