to the details, the UN General Assembly decided to celebrate this day for the
first time in 1948. Moreover, In 1945, the United Nations Charter was based on
three points: peace, development, and human rights. In light of this Charter,
on December 10, 1948, the United Nations unanimously adopted the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights.

Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights 2020:

is human rights?

to the United Nations Charter of Human Rights, all human rights, including the
right to life, the right to equality, freedom of expression, economic, social
and cultural rights, including employment, social security, education and
health, development, and the right to self-determination and other rights must
be provided on an equal footing without discrimination. 

member states of the United Nations and the signatories of the Charter of Human
Rights must not only grant all these rights to their citizens but also give
them a priority.


human rights day

Rights Day:

10 is celebrated around the world as International Human Rights Day. Like most
countries of the world, this day will be celebrated with full enthusiasm in

of the Day:

events will be held in major hotels, educational institutions, and research
centers around the world on the occasion of this day. The speakers will
highlight the importance of this day, and the observance of human rights will
be considered essential for the establishment of a good society.

programs will be held all over the world on this occasion all day long, but it
is a tragedy that human beings are still struggling for their basic rights and
are victims of terrorism. Even today, millions of people around the world are
deprived of the right to speak out against the violation of their rights.

of International Human Rights Day:

purpose of this day is to recognize rights without distinction of race,
religion, or language. To prevent human rights violations, to create a sense of
responsibility in the public, and to make women and children in particular
aware of their rights, and was to draw attention to the UN Declaration on the
Human Rights of the people of the world. Today is International Human Rights
Day, but millions of people continue to suffer.

of Countries and Human Rights:

atrocities being perpetrated on humanity by human rights activists in Iraq,
Libya, Palestine, Kashmir, and Syria are unprecedented in human history.

a new wave of violence in Iraq, the United Nations has warned of a civil war in
the country.

rights groups in Iraq have described the recent violence as more dangerous than
the 2007 uprisings. The ongoing political divisions in Iraq, the lack of a
national federation, the regional situation, especially the Syrian crisis, as
well as some foreign activities against Iraq, have had an impact on the
country, and the situation in Iraq has been severely affected.

terrorist attacks and bloody incidents have shaken various parts of Iraq.
Terrorist attacks in parts of Iraq, including Tuz Khurmatu, Fallujah, Ramadi,
Mosul, Basra, Kirkuk, and Tikrit, have killed and injured scores of people.

and non-regional powers are the main reason for the deteriorating situation in
Yemen, Syria, and Libya. Delivery of justice is not possible without the rule
of law, while many countries believe in the rule of law without justice.

has been embroiled in a years-long civil war that has hit the economic city of
Aleppo the hardest. The ongoing civil war in Syria has forced millions of
Syrians to flee to other parts of the world, including Europe, to save their
lives. The issue of Syrian refugees has become a global problem.


far there have been two major wars over the Palestinian issue. All human rights
organizations are looking at the facts in Palestine. Despite all this, even if
the role of the United Nations on the Palestinian issue is examined, all the
resolutions passed for Palestine are an adornment of a cupboard.

United Nations and all nations, especially Muslim countries, are silent
spectators to human rights abuses in Palestine.


Kashmir, the world’s largest so-called democratic government, India, has been
holding nearly eight million Muslims in incarceration for the past several months
only to suppress their spirit of freedom.

of basic human rights are on the rise in Occupied Kashmir.

ban on the media in occupied Kashmir continues. The ban on the media is in fact
to keep the facts hidden from the eyes of the world. Today, 8 million Kashmiris
are looking to the international community for relief from Indian oppression.

has the highest number of human rights violations, India is number one in this
regard. Sadly most churches in India burned.


Kartarpur Corridor was recently opened, which proves that the human rights
situation here is better. On the contrary, the human rights situation in our
neighboring country is deteriorating. So that an atmosphere of peace can be
established and we can spend our precious capital on the welfare of the people
of our country.


war in Afghanistan has been going on for the last four decades and the biggest
players in this war are the United States and its allies who consider human
rights violations their right. An example of which is the recent Australian

special forces members allegedly killed innocent people during operations in
Afghanistan They have openly violated human rights and a clear violation of
international law, according to the findings of a long-awaited report. Results
of the inquiry, which is the conclusion of four years of work, were released by
the country’s military chief.

discovery of anonymous graves, the rape of women, thousands of missing persons,
and half widows, orphans are clear evidence of human rights violations.

organizations must stop hypocritical behavior on the occasion of World Human
Rights Day!

purpose of celebrating this day is also to make people aware of their rights
and to make governments believe that they should provide all their citizens
with their basic and human rights without any discrimination.

the so-called human rights activists see all this?

the fact is that we can only criticize others when there is justice in our

report on the treatment of women states that the lockdown in the coronavirus
caused a great deal of violence against women.

report on the treatment of women states that the lockdown in the coronavirus
caused a great deal of violence against women.  

and worsening economic conditions in the world are not hidden from anyone, on
the one hand, millions of people have lost their jobs and on the other hand,
inflation has become uncontrollable.

of this, the middle class has disappeared. Because of this, people raise their
voices for their rights and when they do not get their basic and human rights,
they are forced to take illegal steps because of these uncertainties.

Concept of Human Rights:

concept of human rights is based primarily on respect for humanity and mutual
equality. Because Islam is the religion of nature and the religion of welfare
and security.

has eradicated all distinctions in all mankind based on race, language, and
nationality. According to Islam, man has this right as a human being, so that
he/she should not be discriminated against based on his/her color or place of
birth or the race and nation that gave birth to him.

should not be despised in comparison to others, and he should not be despised
in comparison to others, and his/her rights should not be inferior to others.

Farewell Sermon of the Last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH):

Farewell sermon or the Last Sermon is the best charter of human rights, the
integrated system of human rights presented by the Last Holy Prophet, Mohammad
(PBUH) covers all spheres of life, including respect for humanity, human
psychology and tendencies, and social, educational, civic, national, cultural, ethnic,
and economic requirements are taken into account.

are a few lines from his last sermon.

mankind is born from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab
nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; similarly, a white has no
superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white
except by virtue and good deeds.


every day but every moment should be dedicated to human rights.

years ago today, the slogan of Human Rights Three-Sixty-Five was to make people
believe that every day of the year is a day of human rights.

human rights are not a gift to anyone, but every human being is born a claimant
of these rights. As long as you are a human being, you cannot lose these
rights. Human rights cannot be divided. The history of rights is thousands of
years old and is based on different religious, cultural, philosophical, and
legal ideologies.

ancient documents and later religions and philosophies contain different
concepts, which can be called human rights. The rights of a nation are related
to three things: life, property, and religion. Apart from them, other rights
fall under them.

rights organizations should fully raise their voice for Palestine and Kashmir. Besides,
the war on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries must end. We demand
that the people there be given their rights as human beings.

the governments of all countries, human rights organizations, and all the
people follow this last sermon of the Last Prophet Mohammad PBUH, then all the
problems related to human rights will be solved automatically.

Please inform us about your personal opinion and comments about these
above details, because your kind comments are valuable for us Thank you all!