Covid-19 intensified global inequality:

effects of Covid-19 pandemic are destroying socio-economic structures around
the world. Despite the death toll from the disease is less than 5%, the
lockdown due to the highly contagious virus has led to millions of people
losing their jobs, families losing their savings, children dropping out of
school and generally our lives have changed. As we look at the harms of pandemics,
one of the major problems facing the world is the rapid rise of inequality.



Food Program (WFP):

World Food Program (WFP), in a recent report entitled “A Plate of Food“, reveals the fact that income gaps around the world are wreaking
havoc on people’s lives. In New York, the cost of a basic food “soup or
ordinary stew” is only 0.6% of one’s income. In contrast, in South Sudan,
a buyer has to spend an astonishing 186% of his income. “This gap broadens
the gap of inequality between people in developing countries as well as those
in more affluent parts of the world,” the report said.

Economic Condition:

economic disaster caused by Coronavirus has affected every sector of humankind.
According to recent media reports, about 1.5 million people in New York cannot
afford to buy food and rely on food banks. The situation is no different in
other parts of the world, with research published in the journal Food Policy
showing that 76% of Indians do not have access to nutritious food, making up
three out of every four people.

around us, the socially and economically weaker sections, i.e. the economically
weaker sections, etc., are suffering from pandemics. Even before Covid-19, half
the world’s population had little access to health and basic services,
including social security and human rights measures available in developed
countries. The current situation is even worse as pandemics wipe out
livelihoods and expose existing deficiencies in the health and other social
security sectors of developing countries.


to UNDP figures, 55 beds, 30 doctors and 81 nurses are available for every
10,000 people in developed countries. In comparison, a less developed country
has seven beds, 2.5 doctors, and six nurses for the same number of people. Even
basic things like soap and clean water are comfortable for many people.
According to the International Labor Organization, another 50 percent of people
could lose their jobs in the next few months, and the damage to the global
economy could reach 10 trillion.

countries that do not provide unemployment benefits or insurance, workers will
suffer the most due to such a sharp decline in employment. This is another
bitter truth. Even in developed countries, inequality is found with all its malice.
A recent report from Deloitte US shows that the blacks community is more
willing to work in areas of the United States than non-Spanish, who have been
locked out by the pandemic. 

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report says the potential consequence could be an increase in income inequality
for minority communities. After the end of Covid-19, more and more money will
have to be spent on short-term plans to help people access affordable and
nutritious food. Governments around the world are taking steps on their own to
improve the situation and take steps to eliminate inequality.

the second wave of pandemics approaching, saving lives takes priority over
economic issues. Thus, even though economic inactivity has dominated or
overshadows economies around the world, sooner or later it will need to be
addressed. The eradication of the Coronavirus will require a completely new arrangement
of policies to address the underlying food problem facing the world’s
population. In this regard, developed countries must provide maximum assistance
to the World Food Program, in particular. 

Effects differently:

Covid-19 affects men and women differently:

coronavirus affects not only people’s health but also each person in many ways.
But its effects on men and women are radically different. But how is it
possible that a virus that is affecting everyone without distinction can affect
men and women in so many different ways?

from all walks of life are becoming seriously ill with the virus, which makes
the virus indistinguishable from humans. The coronavirus is, after all, an
insensitive genetic material, and it is vague.

the virus is affecting different people in different ways. Gender effects are
manifesting in the most varied ways. Women and men are not only getting sick in
different ways when they are exposed to Covid-19, but it will also have
different long-term effects on their health and economic well-being.

most astonishing difference that has been seen. Men have higher mortality rates
than women.

1: One
of the reasons for this is the fact that the number of ‘X chromosomes’ in the
blood of women is double that of men, women have two and men have one.

2: One
reason for the different effects of the virus may be the different lifestyles
of men and women.

highlights economic inequalities, and in particular the differences in a society
based on gender.

against Coronavirus:

we really stand together in the fight against the coronavirus? Or all its
effects are affecting the poor. For low-income people, experts need to develop
models that illustrate the effects of financial hardship, so that appropriate
policies can be developed for poor countries.

second important thing is related to low-income people. That most people in
poor countries with financial problems cannot save money due to low income.
That is why lockdown will increase poverty, and the mortality rate will
increase not because of COVID-19, but because of financial difficulties and

is important to remember that the local situation must be taken into account
before formulating any policy to combat the coronavirus. The same policies for
all countries cannot be adopted indiscriminately.


kinds of information about Covid-19 should be accessible and in different
languages, even for those who are less literate or not literate at all. It
should provide good quality interpretations for television announcements.

We need
to help developing countries adapt to their challenges.

protection of the underprivileged needs to benefit from the collective testing
of the country’s technology platforms, such as Singapore.

is the time for the international community to stand together and show
humanity. Maybe now we will be able to treat all human beings equally in these
difficult times.


people, I want to share one important thing with you all. In fact, our bodies
are still unaware of this deadly coronavirus. Our antibodies do not have the
strength to deal with this deadly pandemic virus. Doctors often recommend injecting
Steroids to combat this deadly Coronavirus. But there are also disadvantages to
this injection I mean side effects of Steroid Injections that can be dangerous
to the human body. Therefore, use this steroid injection as directed by the

A relative of
mine-affected due to the coronavirus about five months ago. At that time
he did his treatment by himself. He added “a teaspoon of turmeric in the glass of milk”
and continued to use this home remedy daily and finally, he recovered. My point
is, maybe you can get better with this home remedy as well.

turmeric milk


these precautions to Stay Safe—Stay Home from Coronavirus:

to experts, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization,
people should wash their hands frequently with soap and use a mask, keep a
social distance and in case of illness, take medicine on the advice of a
doctor. The best way to control coronavirus is to practice good hygiene. 

1: Mask 

2: Soap (wash hands) 

3: Social distance


coronavirus precautions

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