get a lot of protection from the coronavirus because their bodies develop a
strong immune response against it.

was revealed in a new medical study in the UK. 

covid baby children

immune response protects young children from Covid-19, Research study!  

the onset of the Corona Pandemic, it has been seen that the severity of the pandemic
in children is usually mild, and very few have serious symptoms.

study by the University of Bristol and the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
found that young children had higher levels of antibodies and immune cells than
adults who were protected against the virus.

researchers said the discovery showed that children were protected from the
serious effects of COVID-19.

study sought to find out why the virus causes mild to severe illness in
children, especially in infants, who have a higher risk of other respiratory
illnesses such as the flu.

research team examined the immune response of 4 children under 3 months of age
who were diagnosed with COVID at the onset of the Pandemic in March 2020.

children’s immune response was compared to that of their parents and other
adult patients who had contracted the virus.

researchers said the findings would help in the discovery of a vaccine that
could mimic the protections available to children.

detailed study of infants who were protected from the severe severity of COVID-19
showed that protective immunity is based on specific antibodies and immune
cells called the corona,” he said. The virus is activated.

added that it is known to be very useful in designing COVID vaccines in the

said that immunizations that provide protection against future vaccines could
be replicated in the body.

research team will now conduct research on a large group of infants to confirm
the results and compare their immune responses during the different months
after the illness with the adult response.

results of the study were published in the journal Cell Reports Medicine.