Arguing for Peace in the Age of Arms:

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One popular term is “balance of power” in the
region. To justify this thinking, the world has resorted to the modern arms
race, in which the victory of one sect, group, faction, or one country means
the destruction of another sect or country. The simplest weapon that humans
made in ancient times. 

They are still used by African tribes for self-defense.
They were defended to protect them from wild creatures or terrifying animals,
or they were used for hunting purposes. And at that time access to food was the
basic condition of human survival. So they used various tactics to satisfy
their hunger. This period predates the systematic beginning of human civilization. 

peace and war

The purpose of developing modern weapons is not to
protect oneself from animals but to use those weapons against human beings like
oneself. As with those with whom we have ideological differences and various
religious, political, or economic differences. This means that the proof of
human cultural development is that today there is no danger from animals but
“danger from man to man”.

It is a great tragedy that even after going through so
many historical experiences and fighting and overcoming so many disasters, man
has not been able to establish himself on non-violence. This passion for
weapons has made a man feel insecure rather than secure. The acquisition of
nuclear weapons technology has shown the world a new and severe catastrophe.
And brought to a dangerous turning point. 

Unfortunately, even after seeing
those scenes, arms manufacturing activities could not be banned. Weapons are
also on display at leisure activities to promote the hobby. The pen in the
child’s hand comes later. First, he is introduced to the gun-like toy. We have
such a violent mentality that we, like the ancient tribes, still consider
weapons our pride.

matter how hard we try, all countries will refrain from using deadly weapons.
But more harmful forms are expected to emerge when it comes to the search for
weapons. No attempt at moderation can reach its logical conclusion. Because at
the same time, there is a campaign to promote inhumanity. This is the scary
scene the whole world is facing today. We can all imagine the effects of this
fear on people. Whatever verbal or written efforts are being made for world
peace. The world is rapidly increasing its weapons production. This
contradiction in itself provides a justification that our attitude towards
peace is not very serious.

groups and their determinations 

groups in different parts of the world are fighting as “established
local” (proxy war). They are spreading fear and terror under the pretext
of a so-called struggle. Equipped with sophisticated weapons, these individuals
are receiving all sorts of help and training from seemingly unknown sources.
People are constantly terrorized by killings and bloodshed. In uncivilized
times one man would kill another man and wipe out his enmity. 

In today’s
advanced and modern age, despite such intellectual reach and claims, murder
alone is not enough, but living in an environment of fear, terror, and torture
is an irreparable injustice. It is not just a matter of an individual, a tribe,
or a country that is constantly in fear, but the whole generation is suffering
from this condition. This fear is being spread through various means. 

Their use
in movies is introduced to children through the use of modern weapons or by
photographing them in various ways. This is a very disturbing sign when a four
or five-year-old child turns a piece of wood into a gun and makes a gunshot.
Events like these show that we are working on ambitious priorities or plans in
peace efforts. Peace is certainly promised, but the steps that should have been
taken are unfortunately not visible or observable.

The irony of trying to establish a “balance of
power” in making the world insecure is that this balance has created more
uncertainty. There is no country in the world today that is safe from the fear
of destruction and attack. Such as Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen and the recent war
between Russia and Ukraine, etc. Protecting life is the next step. Our people
today are as insecure as ever. We, humans, have made orbits beyond the wider
realm of humanity. Because of these, we are out of the realm of reality today.
Man has created so many differences on regional, linguistic, jurisprudential,
political, and religious grounds that it has become difficult to get rid of
them all. 

All these weapons are being used for human division and destruction.
The results of these factors have been compiled quite effectively. Regression
is another name for ignorance. It has played a hostile role in this whole
affair. Man’s emotional attachments have been used to create an environment in
which he can embrace the idea of ​​hatred and prejudice. Man is the possessor
of his special tendency and he cannot accept any opposition to it.

The problem is that even if you are a very peaceful
person, your neighbors can destroy your peace. Your neighbors don’t need to
destroy your peace by doing so. They can make you mentally ill even with
fighting among themselves. Who doesn’t want peace? But the war you hate is not
necessarily that like your neighbor wants as well. There are two types of
people living on both sides of your neighborhood. One is those who are
peace-loving like you and one is the one who wants to fight by throwing stones.  

Now, when it comes to countries, there is a similar
situation. In this case, we have had the unfortunate incident that we have
found a neighbor in the East who seeks his advantage in wars and conflicts and
this country has strained relations not only with Pakistan but also with its
other neighbors.

At present, if it has maintained a state of war on the
Line of Control with Pakistan, on the other hand, India has also blown its
horns with Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, and China.

The industrial production of arms and the consequent
economic activity will never allow the dream of peace to be embarrassingly
realized. Countries in the world that are benefiting from arms exports. These
are the countries that are spreading the literature of peace on a large scale.
That is to say, on the one hand, they want to save the world from murder and
make it livable. 

That is to say, on the one hand, one wants to make the world
habitable by avoiding carnage, on the other hand, if the weapons of mass
destruction are introduced to attract the consumer countries by introducing new
destructive qualities. Therefore the meaning is very clear.

Extremism is promoted by taking advantage of this human
trait. Why are these land disputes preparing to explode in this land when
nature has not kept any distance from place to place? We have not yet been able
to cope with the devastation caused by hunger and poverty. Weapons and war
medals alone cannot dispel the frustrations of the people. We cannot become
human by shedding human blood but by saving human life, protecting and
respecting it we can claim humanity. Real peace efforts can only succeed
through rhetoric, not war speech-making. 

The industrial production of arms and
subsequent economic activities will never allow the dream of peace to be
embarrassingly realized. Countries in the world that are benefiting from arms
exports. Peace literature is also spreading widely. That is to say, on the one
hand, they want to save the world from murder and make it livable. On the other
hand, if weapons of war were to be introduced in the consumer countries with
new destructive qualities, it would have a very clear meaning.

Proceeds from the sale of arms will never allow all the
world’s conflicts to be resolved peacefully. On the contrary, more conflicts
and civil wars may break out, and the arms race will never end. That is why a
man of every age considers himself more insecure than ever before because no
argument for peace is possible in the age of arms. This is possible only if the
arms trade and its concessions are restricted. Billions, trillions of dollars
should be spent for human welfare. That is in the survival of humanity.

Discrimination of color, race, and Islam.

The nation that calls itself the champion of democracy
has long been and still is, divided based on race and ethnicity in the United
States. Protests against the brutal murder of a black youth tortured by the
police continue from time to time. Moreover, police have already arrested more
than several thousand protesters in this regard.

Social unrest, chaos, hatred, and economic stagnation
have become so rampant that even the human brain is not getting the metabolism
it needs to keep its neural activities running. Well, this scientific detail is
long; here we are exposed to the law of the people while laws are an integral
part of organized life. Most people interpret that when we see law enforcers
breaking the law, why cannot we do the same. We have to break the law in an
environment of poverty, food anxiety, and chaos. The authorities know why the
people are upset. Why are children being sold, why are people forced to live
below the poverty line?

Through the media, the people are urged not to risk their
lives and not to make a spectacle of themselves by breaking the law.

No matter how powerful and brave someone may be or how
many may be more than the enemy in number, if the enemy has a small weapon in
his hand, it is enough to blow the senses of the powerful man.

The proliferation of weapons has fueled crime. The power
and fear of weapons have not only made human beings miserable but have also
blown away the very fabric of humanity. He bathed the human beings in blood and
destroyed the peace of those who survived.

Establishing law and order in all countries is possible
only when the use of all types of weapons is banned and the manufacture of
weapons is given very little priority. Obviously, when there is no such thing
as arms in the country, all the forces of the enemies of peace will be weakened
and the situation will change radically.

The Division of Man-based on Caste

When a human being was created, he would not even know
that he will progress so much in the future, and at the same time, he will be
stuck in the caste mess. Since being superior is tainted in his nature, the
human determination to conquer the world has never wavered from the chief of
the tribe.

A person who considers himself superior, home, group,
tribe, country, or empire always considers the other class as inferior. And
this is where the concept of caste, the community begins, that even in this day
and age, man is still entangled in the cycle of caste as in the past.

Russian-Ukraine Conflict 2022

When Jessica, a student in Ukraine, wanted to escape the
war in Ukraine and go to a safe place across the border, she was told that if
you were black, you would have to go on foot. This proves that even if there is
a war, the issue of caste still exists during the war.

The Divine Creator and his Principles

The real Creator has kept the human race growing in such
a way that man involuntarily becomes involved in natural blood relations. From
day one, nature has endowed human beings with certain principles that make them
a symbol of mutual love and affection. However, these principles also promote a
welfare and justice system in a society where tribal and ethnic prejudices
cannot flourish. And it is an indisputable historical fact that ignorance plays
a major role in the promotion of these prejudices. 

The period before the
resurrection of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is interpreted in the history and
biography books as a comprehensive word “period of ignorance”. That
whole society was a victim of tribal and ethnic prejudices, along with other
ideological and practical flaws. The tribal chiefs were shrouded in selfishness
and racial superiority. This prejudiced mentality was often an obstacle in
distinguishing between truth and falsehood. 

The game of blood and dust with
other tribes had become the norm. On this basis, a series of wars would start
on small things, which would continue for many years, and many precious lives
would be lost in it. One of the practical and far-reaching steps taken by the
Holy Prophet for the betterment of society is to eradicate tribal and ethnic

The Last Sermon of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Some Extracts from:

O mankind! We created you from a male and female couple
and made you into tribes and nations so as to be known one from another. Verily
in the eyes of Allah Almighty (GOD Almighty), only the most righteous among you
is the most honored of you. In the light of this Quranic verse (The Rooms:
49:13), the Prophet continued, no Arab had any superiority over non-Arab nor
was a white anyway better than black. The only criterion for superiority and
respectability was the one element of piety. All created beings, he said, were
the offspring of Adam and the very existence of Adam was that he sprang from
dust. Hence, all claims to superiority and greatness, all demands for blood or
ransom, and all false traits or trends of the rule have been trodden under my

Treat your women nicely as they are bound to you and are
incapable of managing many of their affairs themselves. Hence, always keep
Allah’s (God’s) command in view, namely, that you have accepted them in the
name of Allah (GOD) and in His name have they been made lawful to you. O people
understand what I say. I have conveyed to you the message of Allah (GOD). I
leave in your midst a thing, which, if held by, will never let you, go astray. And
that is the Holy Book of Allah (GOD). And beware of exceeding limits fixed in
matters of religion. Races that preceded you, perished because of similar
unwarranted lapses.

This proves that if one follows the teachings of Islam, one
will not consider anyone less than himself. Today, however, Islamic teachings
and the current system present a very different picture. 


When two countries go to war, it is as if two civilizations have clashed and the damage is always indescribable. The loss of life is also massive and the loss of property is indescribable. It affects a very large population and sometimes it happens that an entire population is wiped out. The two great world wars in human history have taught nations that the whole of humanity must be burned to the ground and even if there is a rift between the two countries.

Consequently, the nations have created a platform for this like the UN, etc, which prevents the conflict from escalating before it is too long and forces the parties to sit at a table and force them to live in peace.