United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has
observed World Philosophy Day on the third Thursday of November every year
since 2002. This day is celebrated on November 19.

Philosophy Day
actually invites reflection, about the world, and oneself. A
United Nations resolution states that philosophy encourages critical and free
thought and can promote tolerance and peace in order to build a better world.


world philosophy day

think about freedom, causes, art, social issues, and justice. On the occasion
of World Philosophy Day, philosophers around the world invite all human beings
to reflect on the fundamental issues of philosophy and human existence.
Philosophy trains the basic values ​​of our collective life and the ability to
think critically about individual lifestyles and social organization. Thus
philosophy plays an important role in culture and society.

is philosophy?

word philosophy is derived from the Greek word “Philosophia”. It is not
possible to define philosophy, so its definition has not been determined since
ancient times.

means knowledge and awareness, it is universal knowledge, which seeks to
discover the objectives and purpose of existence. According to Plato,
philosophy is the name of the essential and eternal knowledge of the nature of
things. According to Aristotle, the purpose of philosophy is to discover what
existence is in its nature. Kant calls it the knowledge of the critique of perception.

can be called the mother of sciences in the sense that it is the source of
almost all modern sciences. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, logic, psychology,
social sciences are all endowed with this philosophy.

of philosophy

  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
  • Aesthetics
  • Ethics
  • Logic

need for and importance of philosophy:

is a way of far-sighted and understanding the world. No matter how much a
person denies, consciously or unconsciously he is a follower of some
philosophy. When man became somewhat free from physical toil in the civilized
age, he began to see and understand the world.

in this early period, due to the lack of scientific and other sciences,
especially technology, philosophy remained imprisoned in the guise of religion.
It was the Greek philosophers who separated philosophy from religion to provide
a material basis for understanding the world. Since then, human society has
taken many forms. Each new society rebelled against the previous one. In this
uprising, everything in the previous system was challenged.

present, the old society is dying on its own feet. An innovative society is
waiting to be born. A new society where the contradiction is not between human
beings but between man and nature. Where natural factors will be used for the
welfare of human beings. Heraclitus said that “nature likes to hide”,
but just as nature likes to hide, so man likes to know. Who will win, this race
depends on the efforts of human beings!