Happy Eid to all friends, friends, elders, children, teachers, and everyone

In this series, everyone can congratulate each other on Eid-ul-Fitr. Say Happy
Eid to all your friends. It will make them happy.

Try on this Eid. If there is any resentment towards anyone, he should be
forgiven for the sake of Allah and pray to Allah that I am forgiving him.
Please forgive me.

Arrangements should be made to visit one’s relatives during the days of Eid
and especially to visit the homes of those who have lost a loved one in their


عید مبارک

This will make their hearts happy. Entering happiness in the heart of a
Muslim is also charity.

Moreover, ask prayers on the graves of your loved ones should be arranged
if possible.

The poor should take special care in the joys of this Eid because this time
you are well aware that the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact
on people’s employment. That is why if you have a debt to a Muslim brother or
friend and you know that he is not able to repay the debt. So you should
forgive for the sake of Allah.

Distributing Eid money to innocent children makes children happy and if
possible, wears new clothes on the day of Eid and wears new things so that it
is known that it is Eid.

I pray to Allah Almighty (God) that in those countries where innocent
people are being oppressed. Please pray for their citizens and may Allah grant
them peace. Amen.

Many people congratulate each other on Eid. Even at home, between relatives
and friends, a normal person will think. That what a difference it makes to
congratulate each other.

Congratulations means may Allah bless you. It means may you find happiness
in whatever Allah has given you.

Memories are valuable to everyone. So I thought why not ask everyone how
they would celebrate Eid.

Happy Eid to all of You from me. Eid Mubarak!