Smoking is harmful to health 

Every year on
November 15, World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world. To commemorate
this day, the World Health Organization, a subsidiary of the United Nations,
symbolically abstains from all forms of smoking for 24 hours.
The purpose of this day is to send a message to people around the world that
smoking is harmful to human health and invites various diseases. 

smoking tobacco
Smoker’s Lungs—Non-Smoker’s Lungs.

There are many
disadvantages to smoking that even smokers are well aware of. For example, loss
of appetite, increased fatigue, loss of mental abilities, contamination of
breath, dull face, darkening of teeth and lips. Diseases such as depression,
ulcers, liver, lung, throat, and jaw cancer, heart attacks, blood pressure and
cramps, unemployment, poverty, social chaos, disorder, etc. Smoking destroys

Health Effects Smoking & Tobacco Use 

Research has
shown that smoking causes 9% of cancers. Smoking is the cheapest, most readily
available, occurring drug, and most importantly, it is not considered a
punishable drug, such as alcohol, opium, heroin, hashish, etc. Using them,
selling them is considered a serious crime. Cigarettes are not a crime. The
only responsibility of the Ministry of Health is to have this written on every
pack of cigarettes. “Smoking is harmful to health. The result is oral
cancer.” After that, the responsibility of the Ministry of Health ends. 

Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking 

Smoking is a
scourge that is affecting the whole world right now. Smoking is the cause of
one in ten deaths. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco use
kills more than 800,000 people worldwide each year. Tobacco smoke contains more
than 7,000 chemicals, 250 of which are extremely harmful to health, including
nicotine and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is extremely harmful to the
heartbeat. Among these unhealthy chemicals are 69 chemicals that have been
proven by the modern world to be carcinogenic, such as benzene and arsenic. 

according to global statistics, smoking is the leading cause of premature death
worldwide. The death rate among smokers is three times higher than that of
non-smokers. Smoking affects all the organs and systems of the body.

Why do we become addicted to cigarettes? The main reason is curiosity,
then, the charming sight of movie stars and advertisements, many
misunderstandings such as grief to forget that smoking is started. Most smokers
use it to reduce stress. The nicotine in cigarettes gets on a person’s nerves
in such a way that he can’t live without smoking. That is why a person with
weak willpower cannot give up this habit despite his best efforts. 

no smoking

Quitting smoking is not as difficult as it sounds. If we decide, quitting smoking
is not difficult. Spend more time with those who do not smoke, engage
themselves, worship, pray, read a magazine, put a Fennel Seed or cardamom in
their mouth. You can read books in your spare time. 

Smoking is injurious to health 

Smoking is on the rise among men as well as women. The main reason for the
trend of smoking among the youth is non-compliance with the law. College and
university students are seen smoking in public. But there is no one to stop
them. And then the journey that begins with amateur smoking leads to heroin and

While smokers are causing complications for themselves, they are no less
dangerous for those around them. People who live or work in a cigarette smoke
environment are also affected by this dangerous smoke. Such people are called
secondhand smokers. And these people can also suffer from all these diseases.
Who smoke. 

Growing smoking in society and our responsibilities 

Man uses many things in his daily life. Some of them are good for health,
some are bad. When a person realizes the loss of things, he gives it up or
tries to escape. Never underestimates the disadvantages of having fun and
ignore it. Which later causes trouble. The most harmful of these is smoking. 

Research has shown that cigarette smoke causes (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
(SIDS). And causes respiratory diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis) and asthma in
infants. Therefore, children need to have a smoke-free environment. 

It is not only the responsibility of the government and the concerned agencies but we have to take steps to discourage smoking to get rid of this disease. Laws against smoking must be strictly enforced. The easy availability of low-cost cigarettes pushes young people towards smoking addiction. Therefore, taxes on tobacco products should be increased, so that tobacco products become more expensive for consumers and their demand decreases. 

When you ask and demand a cigarette, promise yourself that I am strong-willed, I decide not to smoke. Also, give yourself a lecture against smoking through self-motivation. Exercising through meditation, yoga, and restraint can get rid of smoking. This is because the demand for nicotine decreases when you are exercising. But the most important thing is your willpower, auto-suggestion. Encouraging yourself to understand is for your health. For the family, for the children, you have to decide for yourself and stick to it. 

If smoking is considered, the result is that money is burned in the form of
cigarettes. It is only a temporary enjoyment, which is detrimental. 

increases the risk of tuberculosis
and heart attacks 

Cigarette smoke
contains numerous carcinogens (substances that may cause cancer) and poisonous
gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide and other chemicals. One of
these chemicals is tar which is the brown sticky substance that collects in
smokers’ lungs from where it passes into the blood. Tar is one of the poisonous
chemicals that kills the cells of the windpipe and lungs. Cigarette smoke also
contains a strongly addictive drug called nicotine. Even 0.07 grams of nicotine
in the blood can be poisonous. 

Risk of contracting Coronavirus 

Due to the global epidemic of coronavirus, the movement of people is banned
in most countries of the world. Most offices and companies are also closed,
jobs are either gone or people are working online from home. 

According to a research report published in the Journal of Clinical
Medicine, smokers are much more likely than the general population to be
infected with any viral infection. The influenza virus, for example, infects
smokers 36 percent more often than the general population. 

According to the World Health Organization, people who use cigarettes and
other similar products have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 disease than
other people. Run an awareness campaign against it in society. Distribute
pamphlets from place to place. Raise large banners in public places to warn
people against it. The head of the household should inform the children about
the dangers. So that the home environment is healthy and pleasant. 


The World Health Organization also says that if this trend continues, the
number of deaths due to smoking-related causes will rise to at least 8 million
by 2030. 

Explain the dangers of smoking to your children from the beginning and make
sure that they do not smoke cigarettes. The best way to stop children is for
adults not to smoke in front of them. 

If you smoke, quit smoking for the
better health of yourself and your children.
Thousands die from smoking-related illnesses. Avoid
smoking to live a healthy life. Do not smoke in public places and public
transport. This is a punishable act under the law.

Finally, I would like to say to the government and other concerned agencies
that according to the smoking ban law, smoking in public places, public
transport, public waiting areas, hospitals, and offices is prohibited, and
those who violate it will be fined or imprisoned. If the government enforces
this law, smoking can be significantly reduced. 

We need to work together to raise awareness against smoking and to make
people aware of its dangers.