American scientists have developed a protein that can
cure diabetes and obesity at the same time. Its successful initial trials on
mice have also been completed.

Small molecule SWELL1 complex induction improves glycemic
control and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in murine Type 2 diabetes.

According to media reports, Dr. Rajan Saha and colleagues
at the University of Washington School of Medicine, while researching a protein
called Swell-1, found that it can cause a variety of conditions, including type
2 diabetes, high cholesterol, fat accumulation in the liver, and obesity. Helps
to get rid of, which is collectively called metabolic syndrome. Scientists have
modified the southern protein to form a new protein, SN401, which is better
than Swell1 in eliminating metabolic syndrome, especially diabetes and obesity.

In experiments on rats, SN401 performed tremendously,
improving the pancreatic insulin secretion and reducing body fat, as well as
improving the overall health of diabetic and obese rats. Dr. Rajan also set up
a startup company in collaboration with the University of Washington to
introduce SN401 and other synthetic proteins of this nature as medicine.

should be noted that the number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes
is increasing rapidly in the world and it is feared that if this situation is
not addressed as soon as possible, it will become one of the deadliest diseases
in the world future. However, the annual death toll could rise dramatically.