of George Floyd 

George Floyd


Perry Floyd
Jr. was an African-American gentleman who died during police custody
in Minneapolis. Protests quickly spread across the United States as well as
internationally over police behavior of Floyd besides additional African

Farewell Sermon is an important historical document and a “Charter of Human

last message of the last prophet Muhammad for all humanity: 

(Muhammad (PBUH),
We have sent you for no other reason but to be a mercy for mankind. (Quran
Chapter: 21:107). 

word, every sentence, and every word of our Last Prophet Muhammad is important
and they have many aspects of guidance for us. There is a problem in the world
today. That is the Enlightenment and the Dark Enlightenment. The age of
knowledge and the age of ignorance. 

are instructed to adopt the age of knowledge and leave the age of ignorance.
Leave the talk of ignorance and take the path of knowledge. Now, who will deny
the Enlightenment? No wise man can deny enlightenment and knowledge, and no one
likes ignorance. 

Farewell Sermon is undoubtedly the first and exemplary manifesto of human

people! Surely your Lord is One, and your Father is One. Be aware! An Arab has
no superiority over a non-Arab, a non-Arab has no superiority over an Arabic, a
white has no superiority over a black, and a black has no superiority over a
white. The standard of virtue is only piety. The most honorable of you in the
sight of Allah is the one who adheres to the highest limits.” 

is, the Last Holy Prophet said, “Today I am announcing the end of all
kinds of racial and linguistic divisions. None of you Arabs have superiority
over non-Arabs, and no red has superiority over black.” He not only
announced this but also established a society in which People saw it with their
own eyes that all these distinctions were gone. 

If we forget racial discrimination and start following this manifesto, the
present world will become a haven of peace. If we all as human beings read this
following manifesto carefully, we hope that racism will end in all of us. And
tragic events like George Floyd’s will not happen. 

sincerest condolences to George Floyd’s family.