accidental death has destroyed the peace of every home. People get out of their
homes but get hit by bad driving. Human death has become a very cheap and
meaningless thing. People die, but no one cares.

Day will be observed on November 15 in memory of the victims of traffic

World Memorial Day for Road Traffic Victims:

day is also celebrated because millions of people are involved in road
accidents all over the world each year, which not only affects them but their
families as well.

large number of accidents can be prevented by precautionary measures and the
death rate can be reduced by educating the common people and preparing them to
rescue the victims of road accidents.


world day of remembrance road accident

this regard, various seminars, awareness walks, and workshops will be organized
to create awareness among the people about making road safety for travel.

to the research, more than 1.3 million people in the world are victims of
accidents. And more than 5 million people face some form of disability.

walks, seminars and other events will be held in the respective countries in
this regard. In which Transport and Road Safety Institutions, community members,
and members of civil society will participate.

should be noted that the purpose of celebrating this day is to refresh the
memory of the victims of traffic accidents and at the same time to pay tribute
to those emergency services, police and communities, and medical professionals
who are responsible for helping with the deaths of road accident victims or
provide first aid to those injured in accidents.

accidents are the leading cause of death among the sole breadwinner of the

to avoid accidents:

avoid accidents, it is also important to pay full attention to driving, avoid
using the phone, if it is necessary to call, the car can be parked on one side
and the phone can be called. Phone messaging should also be banned.

is to say, the whole focus should be on driving while driving. To avoid
accidents. It is also important to have the vehicle checked up from the
workshop on time to avoid accidents.

oil should be changed. Water should also be added in time. Motorcyclists should
also get their motorcycle tuned and other necessary work done on time. Many
problems can be avoided if drivers take care of their vehicles and take care of
them. Every driver needs to carry his / her identity with him/her, driving
license, etc.

Motorcycles should not be driven without a helmet and the chain cover should be
fully worn, as often women’s long scarves or clothes come into the motorcycle
chain, causing them to fall and injure themselves.

Seat belts will also be fastened while driving as the rate of injuries in
accidents is 60 to 70% of such people.

We will not allow our young children to drive on the highways in cars or
motorcycles as the majority of those killed and injured in accidents are based
on them.

(4) Inexperienced
drivers in the situation like fog, snow, dangerous weather, traffic jams, and on
dangerous roads must avoid driving at night.

(5) School
and college administrations should arrange training sessions for students on
road safety and accident prevention.