Pakistan Mobile Phone Company launches a new step program for persons with
disabilities in Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan, in partnership with the Welfare
Association for the Disabled (DWA), the country’s most important social welfare
organization for the disabled, has launched a new step program. The project
aims to empower physically challenged people to participate in the retail
sector. Telenor Pakistan has become the first mobile operator in the country to
do so. 

disability Naya Qadam, Telenor


part of the new initiative project, DWA will provide low-cost loans to select
physically challenged persons at specially designed motorcycle shops under
Telenor Pakistan. These shops are designed with wheels so that people with
disabilities can easily use them and display and sell their wares on the go.

an extraordinary effort so far in the field of telecommunications, Telenor
Pakistan has also arranged for physically challenged people to become retailers
for its most popular product, EasyLoad, so that they can live a dignified life
as traders. To further increase their income, they will be able to sell small
breakfast items on motorcycles with built-in tick boxes.

Pakistan Executive:

the purpose of the project, Vice President Irfan Wahab Khan said that the
purpose of the project is to attract the physically challenged to the potential
of the community and give them a decent opportunity to be a part of the booming
telecom business. Is. These are talented people, and if we can give them much-needed
mobility and honest business opportunity, they deserve to be able to take care
of themselves.

the new step project, DWA President Javed Raees said, “We appreciate the
cooperation of Telenor Pakistan and the fact that they consider us as partners
who only seek equal opportunities.” As stated by, people with disabilities
close to one-tenth of the population of Pakistan, hence we hope that the
public, corporate as well as social sectors will come forward for the advancement
of people with disabilities in the country.


Disabled Welfare Association (DWA) is a Karachi-based charitable organization
working to promote the rights of persons with disabilities and to integrate
them into society by participating in mainstream programs. It supports the
provision of financial resources by promoting self-employment, financial
assistance, and loans. It also provides medical and physical rehabilitation
facilities and assistive devices such as wheelchairs, tricycles, crutches, and