E Thompson, a North Carolina USA an engineer in the 1950’s. He had a dream to
develop such a solar heating system, which is less expensive and accessible to
everyone, and lastly, his dream had changed into reality. He wanted that the
system should be benefited to the entire surface area of the south-facing roof
of his house.

invention better is known as ‘Trickle Down Solar Thermal Roof. The system
consists of a corrugated metal roof covered with glass. In the basement, there
is a huge cold-water tank that was pressurized to the upper area where it was
conveyed to ‘trickle down’ the roof was specially designed for this purpose.

water caused by sunlight heat from the roof was gathered in the gutter and then
returned to the basement accumulator tank. This alternative and useful solar
heating system are still running in a large amount in the houses along the
US/Canadian border. 

trickle down solar heating system

Harry Thompson had brought new useful changes to the system, so now the system
is more improved, more cost-effective, more efficient in performance and more
ability comes in DIY, because of the fruitful modification now this time he had
given the name of his changed system known as ‘Modified trickle Down solar
Heating System’ If we monitor the system very closely, the thermal roof we
noticed that the flow of water over the steel corrugated beneath side is
insulated, so that it prevents the energy loss, but unfortunately a huge amount
of heat is still getting lost through the cold outer glazing surface.

you need to get comprehensive knowledge about the real dream of the Thompson
and his invention the ‘Trickle Down System’ then you must know first my
invention of the ‘Modified Trickle Down’ solar heating system. TD and MTD are
both the same system of open-loop systems, which both are pressurizing the pump
that the water flows to the upper surface of the collector.

there are noteworthiness differences between them as follows:

of MTD – Collectors:

Trickle Down

Modified Trickle Down

has an open-loop

also has an open-loop

water on the absorber

Trickle water
through the absorber

glazed in glass

glazed in polycarbonate



steel absorber

felt absorber

has not portable

It portable

has no inner film

has an inner film



first MTD collector was the same such as this, but I have changed its screen
with polyester felt along with a large amount of other useful and reasonable
modifications. So because of these changes it now becomes very fruitful, it is
more effective, more cost-effective, better in quality, and more reliable than
the oil heating system.

the last three years, I have tested and make plentiful designs of collectors
but lastly, I have established and settled on here, which I consider having the
quality to be mentioned worthily.

of them have such designs that are made with steel stud slots and one with a
wood frame. If you have such enough knowledge and skill about carpentry so the
2×8 wood collector could be set 2×12, a steel stud slot is also a better idea
to start the work with it. However, on the contrary, I have recommended you to
begin your work with a simple 2×8, collector.

MTD has the more effective ability it pressed together to form an array. Three
2×12 MTD collectors pressed together. MTD collectors have been designed for the
full overflow of water to the roof of the house, but do not leave out if your
roof is oriented in the wrong direction. Construct the MTD Sun Shed and use the
MTD heating system right inside the shed.


top and bottom 2″×2″ mounting support is useful, provided, and
facilitate the flush mounting MTD collectors. An eight collector system would
be needed four 2’×2’×9′ support screwed into the roof rafters. To position, the
top support uses a level for this reason, so that the mid-section also works

level positioning will help in the flow process of gutter water into a central
for draining and cleansing it is connected with a 2″ rubber T boot. If the
MTD solar heating and DHW system both properly installed then there is no
problem with the water freezing.

End of Finished Collector with Gutter Installed:

Heiliger and I, both conclude that people must take advantage of the sunlight.
Investment in this field will have fruitful results. We both encourage the
readers to take an interest in the experiment and discovery, development of the
sunlight. Dreams can be change into reality but if we take a serious step for
this purpose.

MTD building starter kit along with MTD instruction and video CD will help you
in the construction of the solar thermal application. Your dream can be adopted
reality if you people take concrete action, making research, through experiment
and discovery with the help of all these idea’s you can also bring innovation
in the field of solar energy so be practical to make true dreams.


starter set is designed in such a way to provide the reader with enough
experience with a Low-cost MTD collector. The kit, tools include a progressive structure
direction book, TDM materials (2’x8′ polyester felt, two 30″x8′ sheets of
polypropylene, five Berger Bros Bibs), a Trickle Down Distributor, a gutter end
cap, a gutter compression support, as well as a 3/4″ L connector.

kits come with a useful directions booklet for a wood frame MTD collectors and
a CD for PC (computer) with an MTD steel stud slot instruction video and a
Solar Plumbing multimedia showed. This CD runs on standard PCs. You certainly
need such a kit to get start your process.