states of the globe are struggling to reduce or finish their dependency on
fossil fuel; the reason and causes of this change are the increasing cost of
fossil fuel and its pollution effects on our environment and our health, and
besides this reason, it is also contributing a huge compact in the climate
change and global warming. The utilization of natural energy for heating,
electricity production, and fueling purposes is in advance in attractiveness
and popularity day by day. To adopt this useful way and by investing in natural
and alternative sources of energy can assist decrease the load of fossil fuel
on our country’s economy. If anyone desire to improve the existing situation of
our environment for them, it is necessary to obtain a renewable or natural
energy sources. Some natural energy sources are wind energy, solar energy,
tidal energy. There is another alternative energy like hydrogen fuel and
biomass also. 

renewable energy

we explain in brief details in some of them as follows!


energy is the energy, which the sun produces, in the type of solar heat. With
solar panels or solar cells, the photons in the solar radiation are transformed
into electrical power. However, one drawback going with this form of energy is
the high cost of solar panels. A huge amount of solar panels are required to
produce a significant amount of electricity according to consumer demand.


variety and form of natural energy is wind energy. This form of natural energy
source employs a wind turbine, which harnesses the power of the wind to
generate and produce electricity. Sequentially to produce a well-mannered
quantity of electricity, a huge wind turbine is necessary. These turbines are
generally made from minerals acquired in a contaminated method but after the
turbines are constructed, it needed no fossil fuel or minerals to operate but
may require it for its maintenance and preservation.

The Wave or Tidal energy

useful energy contributed to natural resources is, Wave energy or tidal energy
harnesses the power of the waves to run water turbines to produce electricity.
This is an alternative energy source and base as tides go in and out of the
turbines. If anybody desire to get rid of high-cost electricity and also free
from pollution and global warming it is time to obtain and take benefits from a
natural energy source we will be taking a huge pace forward in the struggle for
a better, cleaner, and safer environment for us and also for our future


a renewable energy source, is the biological substance from living, or just
living organisms, for instance, wood, waste, (hydrogen) gas, and alcohol fuels.
Biomass is usually planted material grown to generate electricity or produce
heat. In this logic, living biomass can also be included, as plants can also
generate and produce electricity for power while still active. Biomass energy
is the result and derived from five distinctive energy sources: garbage, wood,
waste, landfill gases, and alcohol fuels. Wood energy is resultant of both from
direct utilization of harvested wood as a fuel and wood waste torrents. 

is Geothermal Energy?

means, literally, “earth’s heat”. The earth’s temperature rises. When
we drill deeper towards its main direction. We can use heat for energy by
circulating water through underground reservoirs, or by heating hot water or
steam to the surface. We can then convert the energy in surface hot water into
mechanical and electrical power.