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people have different Internet speed connections. Which consists of different
speeds, for instance, 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, and so on? Now when we use the internet for
downloading or for surfing then how much speed or maximum speed do you expect
during surfing or downloading. Hence, you should be familiar with nearly (Bit)
and (Byte). We will have to resort to mathematics. (1MB=1024KB, 1Byte=8Bits). 

dsl speed test

As you,
all know that downloading speed is in KB, kilobytes. In addition, we make the
connection speed that is in Kilo Bytes from the service provider. Now convert
Bits into Bytes. Then we will get actual speed. For that, we will divide 1024
by 8. Then the result will be 128 KB. It means that 1MB connection will provide
us a maximum of 128 KB speed. Thus 2MB connection will provide speed up to 256
KB, 4MB connection 512KB, 6MB connection provide 1024 respectively. If the
actual speed is less than, the reason for this problem will be line losses or
distortion. I hope the DSL speed problem has been solved to some extent. 

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