Development of Adobe Flash: 

idea has been begun in 1995 when the internet was getting in the latest scope,
dimensions and people at FutureWave realized the requirement of vector-based
animation software to the competitor of Macromedia’s Shockwave. The company has
given names it FutureSplash. After enormous progress cost, outlay, and time,
the product was offered to Adobe and Microsoft. By the end of 1996, Macromedia
bought the complete software and released it as Flash, an amalgamation of
“Future” from Future Wave and “Splash”. 

Adobe Flash

mid-2007, Macromedia benefits from the production of this innovative software
which changed the impression and harshly looks of the Internet. From online
advertisements to entire and exclusive websites to games, Flash was used in
with its ease-full interface. Later on, Macromedia has owned Adobe and release
Flash under the name Flash CS3 with ActionScript 3.0, which brought a new and
latest aspect in the applications of Flash. The vector graphic and editing
facility was improved and enhanced by assimilating Adobe Illustrator and Adobe

Company Endeavor to Opponent Flash: Silverlight: 

initiates and launched rival technology to Flash they called Silverlight under
the codename of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Previously it was
released as a video streaming plug-in for browsers but afterward changed into a
development tool with interactivity features and interfacing for .NET
languages. While a person should be grateful for and congratulate Microsoft’s
proposal and ideas of breaking flash’s market and monopoly. But this idea seems
not outstanding so far, it seems very much far, because Flash is so much
powerful and prevailing that it pushed back to the large extent a player’s like
Real Player, QuickTime, and other proficient movie files.