whole time burden of economic misery which is imposed on the broken back of
people by the politicians and ruling class does not finish their extravagance.
The ruling class and politician should also sacrifice for the economy. They
should also give sacrifices for economic development. A large number of
government members, delegations have visited foreign countries on poor people’s
taxes. In a country like Pakistan where people are in extreme poverty and where
the Economy is stressed, the amounts allocated to parliamentarians and their
benefits have been rising. 


Government should spend public money on the people; rather it is being spent on
their elected representatives. If the ruling class and politicians take control
of their spending it may benefit the national exchequer. It means that the
economy may be better. If the government will reduce unnecessary expenses.
Simplicity is adopted. Then we can get rid of the specter of corruption. In
this case and such a situation, our resources will be sufficient to run the
country. The government and empowered people also will have to sacrifice for
improving the country’s economy.

sacrifices will not be put on common people and to taxpayers. The domestic
economy is having serious problems. But where after a few weeks a Fuel and
electricity prices rise and inflation will come in the form of the supplementary
budget. Their national budget is a joke. The budget cannot be serious unless
and until it does not provide a solid framework to solve the basic problems.
National economic survey acknowledges that during 2011-12, inflation, poverty
and Budget deficit has increased. The targets were set for economic development
they cannot achieve. One reason for this is the decrease in the value of the
rupee against the dollar.

improve the country’s economic condition the government must reduce its
expenses. The government should take concrete steps and beneficial measures to
promote investment in the country. Energy resources will have to increase.
Exports and foreign exchange reserves will have to increase. If the plan has
been made to put a further strain on people. Then the country will suffer more
from chaos.