is now establishing the new welfare organization in the country (
South Asia
Disability Forum
) for the betterment of disabled people. This decision was
taken on the occasion of the Regional Leadership Conference for people with
disabilities. The decision announced by the Federal Minister for social welfare
and special education, British council,
Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP),
Telenor Pakistan and Sight Savers. These organizations were present during the
occasion. More than 150 representatives with disabilities from the country and
abroad participated in this event. 


Asia Disability forum

participants of the conference suggested that the
South Asia Disability Forum
secretariat will be located in
Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.
International NGO and other partner’s including the newly established
SADF is expected to play a key role in the development of disabled
people, this is its priority. On this special occasion, the secretary for
social welfare and special education also announced that we will increase
special job quota from 2 to 3 percent. Which is reserved by the government for
the disabled people?

Step Should be taken

participants have also indicated and urged to this point that there is a growing
concern of disability within the region and further steps should be taken into
this regard. There is a special arrangement in Europe and the United States for
the development of disabled people. But unfortunately in south Asia and third
world countries, there is no disability awareness. The newly established
SADF is an excellent step towards disabled people’s development.
So that people with disabilities are entitled to enjoy the same rights,
privileges and other useful opportunities as other citizens.


participants of the conference also indicated the unsuitable terminologies
which are used by the normal people of the local society against disabled people.
The participants of the occasion have stressed that people must be used and
take appropriate words about disabled people. The participants stressed that
stakeholders should raise disability awareness in the general public. The
judicial system and administrative authorities must take serious measures in
this regard. They also urged
South Asian countries to focus on health,
education and community involvement of disabled people to make them useful
citizens and they also participate in the country’s social and economic
progress and so that they lived in their local community with honor and