Education Commission Plan:

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has a systematized strategy for each segment
of education with the implementation of policy, which would help in achieving up-to-date
challenges. HEC is focusing besides their center of attention on the
development as well as the growth of faculty, laboratories, libraries, in
addition to IT facilities consequently this is the five years strategy. 
HEC Pakistan

news report that there are three foremost challenges to higher education which
are access to higher education for eligible students, refining and improving
the quality of education besides the availability of job-based as well as
industry-based education.

Official Statement Report:

higher education official stated that financial resources are the main issue of
higher education furthermore, higher education is also being affected by the
weak national economy. That is why; we are focusing mainly on the private
HEC Pakistan official said that Pakistan was asking assistance for education
from the foreign sector but it is a lesser amount of than our requirements.

less enrollment in higher education institutions, especially in
industries-based education, the government was taking a variety of measurements
to confirm this inclination. There are some useful programs, for instance, the Small
Business Investigative Research Programme SMEDA, which is the finest form and model
for industrial education.

the promotion of
higher education and meeting its challenges in this regard,
other prominent educationist said the education sector faced complexity in
sustaining the growth made from 2001 to 2008 due to economic crisis.


expert asked the government to continue very significant things and restrain
less important things in
higher education. There is also a need to focus on
primary education as primary education provides the base for higher education.
To proceeds with these valuable measurements at that point, we will achieve our
goal and will be useful in our objectives.