towards Alternative Energy

several countries of the planet are going forward quickly towards green
technology. Besides, this is largely because of their large number of
advantages and smaller amounts of shortcoming. Denmark is also among these
countries, which need economical energy free from pollution. Denmark has a very
innovative design for renewable energy storage space called Green Power Island.
The country already generates and produces an excellent percentage of
electricity for its people’s requirements.


most important intention and purpose of Danish are how to conserve the rising
quantity of energy. Therefore, this island plan will assist Denmark to solve
the setback on how to accumulate the increasing amounts of green energy from
the eternally mounting and rising wind power capacity. The technology of the
Green Island mechanism in such a method. When the demand and need for energy
are low it pumps water from lower to the upper reservoir between two vertically
separated reservoirs. However, as the demand raises water is permitted to flow
downward for instance lower reservoir, generating and producing electricity in
the procedure.


water reservoir of this island has a dimension of 31,350,000 cubic meters. It
has an energy generation potential of 2.75GWh. Along with the power storage
facility and capability, this island is also consisting of 25 Wind Turbines,
which are charged at 5MW each; convey and bringing the overall capacity to
125MW. Marine biomass utilizing macro-algae is developed, through seawater.
Photovoltaic and intense solar generators are also included in this island,
which will generate and provide further renewable energy. This Green Island
will provide a traffic bond elongate between the island of Zealand and the
peninsula of Jutland. The architects deem that the advancement of this Island
will become a hub for producing and storing renewable energy Shortly.