is used in the open-loop system for, to increase the water, or to take the
water to a higher position, to a particular height.


used in the closed-loop system to regulate and circulate the fluid substances
for the exchanging of heat, it is used for this reason. 

Solar Pumps and Solar Circulators


PV panel provides energy power to (12-VDC) circulators for solar hot water
through the system of the closed-loop; it’s better known as solar pumps.
However, you can use any pump for collecting heat from the sun. Almost any pump
can do the same functioning. As far as the pumps can control the high
temperature for the long period, so it can be used for solar heating system

you need to buy a pump or circulator such quality should be contained in the
pump or circulator such as head pressure, flow rate, and energy consumption.
The flow rate for the heat obtaining should be lies between (.02 GPM and .04
GPM/Ft²). Of the solar collector surface.

have a common quality of specified high head pressure and Circulators have high
flow rates, but the pump is used to circulate the water through the related
system and circulators may be used to pressurize the water. For this purpose. I
am using a Taco- 007 pump for the open solar heated drain back system.

taco-007 pump is usually used inside the home heating system to circulate the
water. This pump is enough useful and beneficial for me because the water in
the storage drum only requires to reach the specified height of 6′ and the
return tube of the water in the related system has a diameter of .75. Because
of this, the flow is limited and confined to a sufficient extent. 

pump as shown in the image you can see it is the example of such pumps
(centrifugal means, moving or tending to move from the center, it rotating at
very high speed). As shown in the below performance and function chart of the
taco-007 pump (003-013). It displays the relation between flow rate and total
head pressure. With the help of this chart, you can consider and see about the
flow rate of Taco-007, it has 5-GPM when it rose at the height of 9′. Besides,
its actual flow rate at the height of 6” is 3-GPM. The reason is that that the
total flows head is the resulting sum of the flow head restriction or
confinement and the flow height. 

pump flow chart 

solar pump solar circulator

you can be better understand the working performance and functioning of the
pump. Now for your information let us look at some useful and popular ‘solar
pumps’ as below. These above small pumps can be working with the help of a
small PV power solar heating water system. To provide power to these excellent and
durable pumps you can require a 10 or 20 watts PV-12 VDC power supply for this

I need to inform you the cost of these useful pumps is between $200 and $400
each. If you are in the state of testing and passing through the condition of the
experiment of the solar heating system then for your information please check
it out these less expensive and affordable alternatives below.

need to share with you these useful and excellent idea’s about the pumps so
that if you need to purchase any pump for you solar hot water system so that
you can take help from this useful and clear information and you can get a
fruitful result from your pump in the light of these useful ideas and

Image source: JC-Solar homes.