EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) at 73 miles has estimated the Nissan Leaf
battery performance, but Nissan company officials state that the driving range
will depend on the user’s driving behavior or habits and will generally obtain
over 100 miles. The Nissan leaf car still runs 100 miles in a single charge,
articulate Mark Perry, Nissan’s director of product planning and strategy.
Because the EPA used one of the five or six probable driving cycles and the FTC
(Federal Trade Commission) used a different, California’s LA4′ outcome vary
from the first two, so the closing stages consequences can differ widely. 

Nissan Leaf


the same time, LA4 used the confusing miles per gallon comparable (referring to
the energy price vs. distance), which is even additional confusing for the
driver who drives this sort of car or user, who would have to transfer that mpg
to an entirely dissimilar measuring unit. If anyone aggressively drives this
car, then you will not obtain a required or a hundred miles. But the Nissan
director says that most will do better than the EPA numbers.

unfair on the way to freeway driving, and it’s biased with all your air
conditioning, climate control running all the time. We have declared that 60 to
140 are what a consumer can do, said Company Director Perry. Consequently
someplace in there is what your experience will be like. He said in the
interview. Perhaps experienced overexcited milers will acquire 140 miles or
further, but it’s the latest battery technologies and their flexibility of
standard that will ultimately save the driving range and will push the electric
car’s figure towards the hearts of the several people in the whole society.