23, better known as Prop 23, which is an idea and program a ballot that
congeals the Assembly Bill 32 signed by California Republican Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger in 2006, the governor of California demanding a particular
agenda for making California a cleaner state from global warming and pollution.
Valero and Tesoro, these two oil companies enormously disgust the initiative of
being independent of fossil fuel oil.


oil companies Valero and Tesoro organize Proposition 23. Both companies have
support hundreds of violations of state and local health and air pollution laws
in California including the illegal dumping of hydrogen sulfide, carbon
monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. According to
these two companies, this proposal will slump the unemployment rate in
California from 12% to 5.5%, experts have stated about this initiative, is a
deceitful proposition. If you consider this plan, this may reduce the rate of
time and drop the jobs.

dilemma with Prop 23 is that it has funded and financially supported by oil
companies who are intentionally ignoring cause and affect the reality of
environmental damage. People are combating against and not in favor of this
plan and initiative, which is expected to be a massive political crisis as well
as harmful to the environment and also for the people of the Californian state
who have been demanding and extremely struggling to make California a global
warming free state.

the Cause

a citizen of the Californian state, you should join this cause to fulfill our

  • For
    this reason, you must not support the fossil fuel funded by prop 23 as a
    citizen of California.
  • You
    should inform your friends and raise awareness.
  • Raise
    awareness about prop 23 on social network
  • Every
    citizen of California must participate in debates and fruitful point of view

and Effects of Prop 23:

the Prop 23 is commencing and steps have to be taken in this regard then its
consequences and outcome would be a major loss of clean energy, labor force as
well as causing damage to the environment. The reason is that a Prop 23 plan
will be entirely a fossil fuel slave and will apply fossil fuel power into a
Californian state that is dreadfully fighting against fossil fuel incursion.
Sorrowfully these oil companies are just concerned with market shares and
benefits rather than the environment. Besides, they have nothing to do with
global warming which will be dreadful to California and as well as it will
spread all over the world.

oil companies who make an effort to keep away from the contest from the locally
made in clean energy California jobs. This plan is not concerned about the oil
prices, which are related to working families, California’s economy. If we look
at the glance and considered the figure of jobs available in California it is indicated
that around 500,000 jobs already exist which are clean and engage work such as
manufacturing and construction. Moreover, 12000 technological companies are
working while over $ 9 billion has been made in private investments since the
year 2005.

these are some causes and reasons because of which Prop 23 will affect the
citizens of California in an increase of oil and gas prices, environmental
pollution as well as a decrease in the rate of economic development.