and Need of Solar Energy

solar energy concept has emerged for the first time when the oil crisis took
place in the ’70s. We knew then that it was only a matter of time before our
oil dependence was going to reason a key dilemma. However, as many times
occurred the cost of oil went back down and plans that began in solar energy
growth were fragmented. 

solar panels

the oil prices are at a high peak and almost nobody affords this high-cost oil
so everyone in the world is seeking the best alternative means instead of oil dependency
such as oil which is cheap. Solar panels take the most renewable energy source
on the earth and converts for use in our homes. You possibly will be most
well-known with them in handheld calculators. A similar theory applies to
larger applications. Therefore, what are the difficulty and hindrance, why are
not we all using solar panels in our homes?


reason more people are not using them is the cost. Even though a professional
solar panel system can be expensive, you can always start small – now you can
build your very own homemade solar panels for as little amount as 200 $. When
you can power and provide your home with homemade solar panels you will free
from large heating and cooling bills determined by the huge oil companies and
foreign powers. The best element of all is that you will be doing the globe an
enormous favor and help by reducing the amount of carbon emission in the

Fuels Reason for Pollution

fuels are the leading cause of pollution on earth. As much as 90% of the world’s
electricity comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Between solar panels and
other forms of substitute energy, we can reduce our consumption of these fuels
and in turn decrease the number of greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere.
In short, we can provide a great renewable source of energy to save the planet
for future generations. So please think seriously about the alternative and
economical electricity for your home requirements.