have been tough lobbying for the last nine years, and then finally they have
taken a decision, and lastly, they quit from the field, paid off, and finally
discharge. It was a very hard decision for them to quit. Before his discharge,
there was a severe debate, and politics was done on the same issue. After the
decision made by the Greens. Finally, the first offshore wind farm has been
testified to produce electricity.

of concerned authorities

of interior Mr. Salazar has announced in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The secretary
has described and mentioned the construction of the 130-turbine wind farm and
disclosed the estimated cost is about $900 million as well. This project would
generate 450 Megawatt electricity out of thin air.

News for Environmentalist

was good news for all world environmentalists throughout and across the nation.
Europe has already been running this sort of project and hundreds of offshore
wind farm producing and generating thousands of megawatts of electricity from
the air according to their nation demand. If the US allows and approves
offshore wind farms to be installed without restriction and limitation.

US has enough potential to fulfill all its country’s electricity and power
demand. The environmentalists consider that this kind of project will destroy
the aesthetic, beauty of beaches the reason for restriction and limitation is
as mentioned above.

companies lobbing

Oil lobbied companies to mention this kind of thinking. Because this sort of
project is not in the interest and favor of oil companies. On the other hand
finally, with the approval and confirmation of this wind farm, the barrier on
opening such electricity-generating projects has been somehow lifted and
gateway of such other wind farm projects on the eastern seaboard to produce
electricity, power according to the day to day people demand. Lastly, it was an
excellent decision made by the concerned authorities.