Currency Note:

If a
country administration cannot control the currency then how will this kind of
government solve other major issues? There are many kinds of currency notes
revolve in the country in the present time but the government is sitting like a
quiet audience. That’s why more and more problems are creating and producing by
themselves or by other means. The government must think about it. 

Pakistan currency

Bank of Pakistan:

central bank came into being on 1st July 1948 inaugurated by the father of the
country Honorable Quaid – e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is the duty and
responsibility of the state bank to solve the currency note issue. Which is
still prevailing in the country since 2000? If the state bank of the country
cannot control the currency note then who is responsible for this? State bank knows
that two kinds of currency notes are running in the country.

Forms of Currency Note:

bank of Pakistan has issued currency notes in the country for the last 9-10
years by the ordered of Musharraf Government. If you put a sight on the present
currency notes then you will find two kinds of currency notes. For example, the
1000 currency note has two kinds of old and the new one. 500 currency notes
have two forms and so on. Two kinds of money predominated in the country. There
is a 5 rupee currency note and coin also rotating in the country. A strange
situation is present in the country regarding currency notes.


bank of Pakistan must put this serious issue in front of the present
government. State bank must do itself something about the solving of this
problem. Both the government and state banks of Pakistan should sit and have a meeting
about the current issue of currency notes. And they should inform the people
with the help of media electronic, paper, and radio that people should come to
the commercial bank and leave their old currency notes and take a new one in
exchange. So that a single currency note could run in the country market. Both
the government of Pakistan and the State bank of Pakistan must take serious and
concrete action and measurements regarding this issue.