Times Of India And Jang Group Pakistan Joint Venture:

The Times of India and Jang Group both have come together to continue the process of peace between India and Pakistan. They named the peace process as “Aman Ki Asha”. We all Pakistani people and certainly Indian people encourage this peace process between these two countries. Both the countries have fought three wars since independence. The result was severe destruction and loss of precious lives. If we put sight on the history of the sub-continent then we found that Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and other communities have been living with each other for the last several centuries.

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Shared Culture:

When the two neighbors meet they move almost seamlessly into the shared cultural and human ethos, characteristic spirit and beliefs of community and system. People of both the countries have shared mostly every thing. For example food, music, poetry, films and other way of life. The people of both the countries have relatives. How they can leave their blood relationship with each other. So the Times of India and Jang group have taken excellent step for peace regard. The seeds of peace which is sow by both respected media of Pakistan and India must be raise and nourish so that the seed of hostile must be terminate. So the peace, happiness should be spread in both countries. Both countries have started race in weapon of mass destruction when the peace will prevailed then the budget will spend on the needs of the people and development.

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Efforts For Derails Peace Process:

But someone wants to derails this peace process. People and media both of the countries must fail their purpose. So that the peace process continue to the right direction. And in this way a positive change will come in the fields of education, health and poverty alleviation. We should scatter the war clouds that menace our skies. There are external elements at work in the region that flourish on the bitterness between the two neighbors. They have a pledge in keeping the region in turmoil. We need to struggle and combat them by making them extraneous.

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Struggle For Goodwill:

A surge and course of goodwill and flexibility on the part of civil society and the media will push these forces back by denying them the raw material that manufactures hate. People of both the countries need to follow the footprints left behind by the great poets, scholars, forefathers and our beloved foundering fathers of the countries Honorable Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi Gee. Who preached and practiced love and inclusiveness.

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Disabled People Come Forward: 

People of this region wait the time where peace, equality and harmony prevail. Disabled people of Pakistan and India must come forward in this regard and both the ministries of social welfare and special education should create and organize such program so that people of Pakistan and India come together and near and the major issues will also solved with this peace process. This will happen only if people of Pakistan and India struggle for the peace and follow the path of Aman Ki Asha.