have always watched the disabled people protesting on television channels and
in newspapers for their rights. The number of qualified persons with
disabilities is very low in Pakistan. But they do not receive suitable jobs. It
is the absolute exploitation and prejudice with a person with disabilities. It
is the primary responsibility of the Islamic welfare state that the government
delivered their rights to the doorstep of home. 

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and Educated disabled persons need government jobs. Disabled persons were being
deprived of their due and suitable right; there would be no special person
jobless if the fixed quota was implemented. Special persons need suitable jobs
according to their qualifications in government institutions to prevent
ourselves from becoming a burden on their family and society and do not need
charity. The funding given to the local non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
by the government and International institutions was not spent on the
well-being of the disabled persons, but instead, it was misused by the NGOs.

persons believe that many vacancies are lying vacant in the government
departments including teacher’s posts but disabled persons are not being
recruited on such posts and jobs are being given on a preferred and favoritism
basis. To take notice of this serious matter with the purpose of provides special
persons their basic rights.

Government of Pakistan should in any case take tangible steps to provide
government employment facilities to educated people with disabilities. Those candidates
who have fake degrees have also been reached the parliament. We, disabled
people, have genuine degrees on the other hand are deprived of our rights. It
is also a clear violation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities (CRPD), which has been signed by 153 countries including Pakistan,
which on the 5th of July, became one of 107 countries to have ratified it. The
most fundamental principle of the convention is to change society’s attitude
towards a person with disabilities by making it more inclusive, barrier-free,
and rights-based.

Children with disabilities are consistently denied access to health, education,
and social services or social works. Simultaneously, they are often excluded
from opportunities to participate in their group of people, their respective
communities, and are more susceptible to violence and maltreatment.

it is the most important responsibility of our state to provide an inclusive
environment and facilities to ensure their fundamental rights. Generous
contributors also must come forward and play their role in established
institutions for disabled people, mostly in the forgotten rural areas. I hope
that the present government will consider the basic rights of a person with