analysts believe. If Pakistan has a future, it is personified in Malala
. Malala was on her way home from the local school in Mingora,
Pakistan, in the Swat Valley, on Tuesday when an Unidentified gunman walked up
to the school van, asked for her by name and shot her in the head and neck. On
Wednesday, doctors at a military hospital removed the bullet that stuck fast in
her shoulder. She remains in critical condition. One of the medical team
treating her said “neurologically she has considerably improved” on
the other hand that the upcoming days—are very life-threatening or critical. 

Malala yousafzai

was no common target. She came to public attention three years ago when she
wrote a diary about life and about unidentified men, which controlled Swat from
2007 to 2009 before being removed by a Pakistan Armed forces. Last year, she
won a national peace prize.  

Army Chief Statement:

attack was discomfiture for the Pakistani Army, which has boasted of pushing
the unidentified men from Swat. The army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, go
to see the hospital where Malala was being treated, as well as, in a remarkable
public statement, he condemned the twisted ideology of the cowards who had
attacked her.

other girls were injured:

in the Swat Valley closed on Wednesday in protest at the attack, and
schoolchildren in other parts of the country prayed for recovery, for the
Malala and her friends which were also injured in the attack. In recent years,
the unidentified men destroyed a minimum of 200 schools.

Allah Almighty grant the early recovery of all the injured girls. Ameen!