of revolution in Pakistan:

less than a month, popular uprisings have fallen the long-time presidents of
Egypt and Tunisia, and revolts could spread to other Arab countries if they do
not implement reforms rapidly. Frustrated by inequality, unemployment, as well
as corruption, the Arab citizen is not similar as he was two months ago besides
has proven he can bring down an Arab head of state after two otherwise three
weeks of protests. 

revolution in pakistan

is a similar condition in Pakistan. But there are no true leaders who raise
people’s feelings and emotions. The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, which began
and led by young people using the social networking site Facebook and
micro-blogging site Twitter, have shown the limits of Islamist activism, which
Arab regimes have used as a figure to ward off calls for reform.

there is also a rumor of revolution in Pakistan. This is because of the worst
and harsh conditions in the country which is facing this country for several
years. But leaders of this country are said that don’t compare Pakistan’s
situation to the revolutionary condition of Egypt. That’s true because every
person in this country is dead because of their hypocrisy, selfishness and so


Pakistan has come to exist since the people of this country are to be
suppressed by its leaders. And yes they have been suppressed. And these people
bearing many problems since the country’s existence. Now they have been used to
tolerate all these issues. Then how will a revolution come in this country?

very few leaders of this country have felt pain in their hearts about people of
this country but if these people don’t wish to bring change in their poor lives
then why these beloved few leaders come on the road for these coward people.
There is no vision in the leaders of this country. Everyone is enjoying life.
Because leaders of this country know people of this country are careless.

every province of Pakistan killing adultery piracy’s common. All moral diseases
have become daily occurrences. Until and unless everyone person of this country
doesn’t bring revolution in their life and until moral and social evils are not
resolved then thinking about revolution is useless. As a concern to the
country’s economy. Pakistan is rich in mineral reserves. But the leaders of
this country begging and craving for money.


are gold mines in the country and our country is just like a beggar in the
entire world. All this is being deliberate. When the Punjab government was in
danger of being moved then Nawaz Sharif comes out with a lot of crowds and has
when the three or four years of the child have abuse then everyone is silent
because it is not the question of their seats and government. It is a great
shame for all these leaders. Their consciences are dead no feeling about this
brutality. People must bring revolution in their life then ALLAH Almighty will
help us and we will see new and peaceful Pakistan.