Wind Power:

and wind both are those energies which have been discovered by the human being
for the last several years. As the world discovered these energies to meet, the
growing energy needs day by day.

energy, which is generated by the sun, is better known as solar energy or solar
power and the other energy, which is generated from the wind, is usually called
wind energy. Both are considered as a means of producing power.

these two sources of energy have attracted scientists for a very long time, in
the meanwhile they are not able to decide, which of the two a better source to
generate energy is. Now the scientist related to discovering energies for the
future are looking for the third option as well.

at Washington State University has now combined solar energy and wind energy to
produce massive energy called solar wind power, which will satisfy all energy
requirements of humanity.

of Renewable Energy:

scientists declare that while the whole power generated from solar wind will
not be capable to reach the planet for use as a lot of power generated by the
satellite has to be forced back to copper wire to produce the
electron-harvesting magnetic field, so far the quantity that reaches the earth
is more than adequate to fulfill the requirements of the entire humankind,
irrespective of the environment condition.

addition, the group of scientists at Washington State University hopes that it
can produce 1 billion gigawatts of energy by using an immense 8,400-kilometer-wide
solar sail to bring in the power in the solar wind.

to the team at Washington State University, 1000 homes can be lit by producing
as much as necessary power for them with the help of 300 meters (984 feet) of
copper wire, which joined to a two-meter-wide (6.6-foot-wide) receiver and a
10-meter (32.8-foot) sail.

satellite has a 1,000-meter (3,280-foot) cable with a sail 8,400 kilometers
(5,220 miles) across, which are positioned at something like the same orbit, which
may also generate approximately one billion gigawatts of power.

solar and wind power-producing, scientists consider that if some of the real
problems are solved, Solar wind power will generate the sum of power that no
one together with the scientists working to find new resources of generating
power ever expected.

of Solar wind power technology

satellite launched to strike solar wind power, as an alternative of working
similar to a windmill, where a blade attached to the turbine is physically rotated
to generate and produce electrical power, would utilize charged copper wire for
capturing electrons zooming away from the sun at quite a lot of hundred
kilometers per second.

of Renewable Energy:

regardless of the reality, that Solar wind power will solve nearly all the
issues that we were to face in the future caused by power generating resources
being exhausted or tending to exhaust partial vacuums, it has a few demerits as

co-author of the journal paper Brooks Harrop, state that, though scientists are
eager to tap solar wind to produce energy according to our requirements, they
also need to keep necessities for engineering complexity and these engineering
difficulties will have to be solved before satellites to tap solar wind power
are set up.

distance between the satellite and earth will be so vast that as the laser beam
travels millions of miles, it makes even the tightest laser beam extend out and
lose most of the power. To solve this issue, more paying attention to the laser
is considered necessary.

but still, if these laser beams reach our satellites, it is very uncertain that
our satellites in their present type will be capable to tap them., a scientist
Greg Howes, at the University of Iowa stated it, The energy is there but to tap
that energy from the solar wind, we need huge satellites. There may be
practical limitations in this.