New Energy Czar, Carol Browner

President’s auxiliaries. She is the Assistant to the President for Energy and
Climate Change. She will coordinate in several agencies, which play a
sufficient role in energy and policy relating to environmental issues,
especially on the issue of Climate Change. Which is not well suited in the
silos of the federal government?

agencies, which are included, are EPA, Transportation, Energy, and Department
of Interior. Browner brings a solid environmental resume to the White House, to
participate in the solution of environmental issues and their existing problem
facing by the world today. She worked as an attorney and Management Consultant
to a large extent for the environmental problem from clean air, prescribed
rule, formal direction to the climate change.

has less power and authority regarding in her responsibilities, but instead of
this compulsion, she is specified and an integral part of the President Barrack
Obama energy team, she has the quality and she has also the ability to provide
useful suggestions and to propose legislation, which is useful in the
protection of the environment and promote a sustainable economy.

has demonstrated her idea’s and view about what she needs there must be a
modification in the Nation Environmental Agenda which she thinks that was the
agenda of former President George W Bush. She gave her views about the tenure
of former president GW Bush as ‘the worst and disastrous environmental
administration ever’.

described in her words, that Bush White House with imperceptibly and
undermining scientist, stalling or block and in some cases, he tried to reverse
clean air improvement, and also pretended and refusing to address climate
change. She has served, as a senior legislative aide with Senator Al Gore’s,
before taking charge of the Environmental Regulation Department in Florida.

Greatest performance and Achievements:

and settling the Lawsuits, the government had brought it against the State of
Florida, because of the environmental spoiling and damage of Everglades
National Park. Besides, launching the largest Ecological restoration project.
Which is never done before in the US? All these steps have taken for the
purpose, to clean, purify, and restore the natural flow of water to the