to Solar Heat

heating is an expensive way for home heating. There is a second choice for
heating a house, it is solar energy. It is an alternative and cost-effective
energy and affordable for everyone. In the essay you will learn about, how to
provide, both solar heat and domestic hot water systems to our homes. A low
cost ‘DIY solar heating panels can be benefited if we use it practically. Now
we will discuss in detail.


our first step, we will learn about, how to construct homemade solar collectors
from recycled materials. We need the procedure that how we take more advantage of
the available scarce resources so that we can be capable of transition from an
oil-based, waste economics to sustainable sun energy-based social order, where
basic needs of human being are essential against Gross National Products (GNP,
means the value of output produced by domestically own factor of production).


energy independent, it is not the entire solution to our social and economic
problem, but to the little extent it can, if we make better use of solar energy
we will be more sustainable in position. There are a few houses that are
benefited from solar energy applications, but these few houses can take more
advantage of solar energy.

we construct a house we must keep in mind about the facility of solar energy.
Change is possible with a little determination. As human beings, we can clearly
understand the nature of corporate greed, unchecked and unrestrained capitalism,
and the disastrous runaway of global warming. We must not be careless of these
social disorders. We are the guardians, a protector of Space-Earth.

have the responsibility to settle limitations and a prescribed suggestion that
how to check capitalism and in addition to finding alternatives to fossil fuel
which are destroying our planet. How shall we provide heat to our homes? As
Thomas Edison said in 1939, we are like tenant farmers chopping down the fences
to find our houses when we should be using the energy from the sun.


we mentioned earlier that solar energy or a DHW system is not a solution to our
social and economic issues, but it is the right direction to get an advantage
from the sunlight. Millions of years are requiring transforming deteriorating
microorganisms into oil, and unfortunately, we have already consumed half the
Earth supply or resources. Low cost affordable, PV panels, active/passive solar
heating system, solar greenhouse and many more as such useful materials make
all of us energy independent.


cats like Harmony Cativan, left, stay warm by seeking sunny places.
Regrettably, to say, that the people commonly use petroleum products to get
warm, because of this excessive use of petroleum oil resources are now
decreasing day by day. Besides, it is not the right way to choose, it
diminishes the value of our earth. People consume 100,000,000 barrels of oil in
a single day.

excessive use of such energy is reached to a critical level. Nonrenewable
resources are burned. It should be recycling to prepare products such as
plastics, paints, and other useful and valuable products. Because of the
burning of these nonrenewable resources, the air is filled with toxins. Various
diseases have been produced, and increasing numbers, such as ‘asthma’ the
result is death as well.


warming is another huge environmental issue. A well-insulated house with a
properly oriented array of solar collectors is a useful and fruitful idea and
settlement against this drastic situation. It is a clean and cost-effective
alternative to the environmental disaster of fossil fuels.

Your Information: In the daytime, sunlight remains throughout the day for
12-hours, it means that it is available in maximum time than the fossil fuel
reserves. Many people have put off their solar collectors and PV panels because
they are much costly or they are unreasonable for the neighbors.

the good news is that solar thermal roofs may no longer be an issue in today’s
energy market, it is affordable and cost-effective and it is no more aesthetes
just remember that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The renewable
energy house is designed for the small planet. PV applications can supply the
power and solar thermal application can supply heat. Both these applications
are supply energy according to the household requirements.

A 5k
PV system cost is about $ 50,000 and 10m² and a domestic solar hot water system
maybe 10,000 if it is professionally installed. However, PV payback status is
longer. Other applications such as DIY home heating DHW system for $2000 if you
need to build your solar thermal system for your home then first you should
know about the basic knowledge about it.

for Homemade Solar System:

materials research:

are many varieties of glazing materials available in the market today with
different properties and cost. This interactive research exercise is designed
in helping to clarify the properties and cost of the glazing materials.
However, this information is incomplete, it is just raw material, but is a

materials experiment:

the given experiment, it requires testing the heat gaining ability of different
glazing material. If you cannot understand, you should go to the next step.


two solar boxes for the solar thermal experiment, which display the greenhouse
effect. Paint both the boxes inside, one with a black and the other with a
white. Moreover, place them in the sunlight. Consider closely the temperature
of both the boxes; draw the result on the graph paper. Besides, explain why one
solar box gets maximum heat against the other, and continuously use different
materials in the same manner.


this step, we will construct and test a parabolic trough solar concentrator and
parabolic dish concentrator. A parabolic dish concentrator can produce higher
temperatures against a parabolic trough concentrator. Also, explain what is the
merits and demerits of a parabolic trough concentrator with a tracking device?
Why it is not popular? Define heat.


is a great, simple experimental project that how we provide more heat during
the extreme cold. It is information about a passive, thermo-siphoning, heat
transfer system. It is not information regarding the heat-gaining project. It
is a nice starter project for the ‘novas’ Mother Earth News has published a
wonderful article that in what way we call the heat grabber. It is a very
useful project for solar heating according to your requirements. 

Energy Gain:

should design and construct such a greenhouse, which obtains heat directly from
the sunlight. Sometimes solar energy is only used to maintain heat in the green
box so that we protect the plants in the winter season from the extreme cold.
Anyhow, you should take the temperature record of the greenhouse with or
without heat storage. And explain the importance of your findings and testing.


system, which obtains heat directly from the sunlight, has maximum energy loss.
For the experiment you need two cups, one is ceramic and the other is a Styrofoam
cup. Pour some water into the ceramic cup and place it on the fire for boiling.
After ten minutes, measure the temperature that will have been fallen within 10

the experiment with the other cup of Styrofoam. Now place a lid and record the
temperature of the Styrofoam cup, can you estimate the R-value of both the cups
from your data? Lastly, display your conclusion after the completion of your


Storage or Accumulation of Heat:

is a discontinuous property is exists like the sunlight. So because of this, it
necessitates a means of storing heat, so that we use it according to our
requirements. This exercise is designed to introduce a few heat storage systems
so that you can construct it and make an experiment with them. We will be
highly appreciable of the student’s participation so that they may also make
some ideas. We adopt the exercise so that we introduce an alternative method of
heat storage.


construct different applications such as a ‘working passive solar heating,
modified, Trombe wall. After the building up of all these applications, observe
and adopt such a procedure that we provide heat to the house without losing the
preserve heat for the night.


a temperature measurement from time to time inside the greenhouse and trace the
convective current, which clears the way for its circulation inside the


breadbox is composed of direct-heating, direct gaining, passive solar hot water
tank. The hot water accumulated in the tank to preheat the household water. For
the experiment prepare the breadbox solar hot water heater, after the buildup
collects the data and explain the merits and demerits of this solar hot water


an experimental solar collector and display how solar hot water can be
prepared. This project is sufficiently more advanced and the cost expenditure
will be more on labor and it will also need more expenditure.

Floor Heating:

a model of a radiant heating system. Explain why radiant heating is used for
solar heating systems.

Home Design:

a model of energy independent house. Explain how many collectors you need in
this regard. What is the size of the multi-tank heat storage vault? How many PV
panels you need for the system. Also, calculate the heat gain/loss of the

Thermal Roof:

a scale model of a house with a solar thermal roof. Calculate how much fuel oil
energy it will save in a year.

Thermal Engine:

a design of the solar thermal engine and combine it in the design of the solar
thermal home.

Hot Water Systems:

heater, drain down, drain back, trickle-down, and closed-loop are included in
this system.

Bed Heating:

method of storing greenhouse heat where it is needed most in the plant bed so
that the plants are nourished.

MTD Collector:

is a learning experience.

Down Solar Heating system:

exclusive, cost-effective, home heating, domestic hot water system DHW is
designed for the DIY purpose. I hope this useful course in solar thermal energy
technology will be effective sufficiently for help. World oil production is
going greater now before this but it is must be kept in mind that the oil well
is decreasing and production will be slow down if the situation remains the
same as such.

the demand for low-cost energy is continuously rising. So if this condition remains
then which way do you adopt which is reasonable than oil certainly, it will be
solar energy an MTD system.