When will we become friends with disabilities? 

    Sustainable development refers to development in which
    all people on the planet can move forward together, improve their thinking and
    keep the environment healthy. That is, the resources that are available to us
    today, whether natural, human or non-human, should be fully utilized and every
    effort should be made to improve them for future generations. Such a
    development can never be sustainable in which all the important resources are
    used today and nothing is left for the future generations. 

    Terminology of Disability 

    The term disability is used in a broader sense around
    the world. However, it has now been replaced by the term “special
    people”. According to a United Nations survey, about one billion people
    worldwide have some form of disability. The biggest problem for people with
    disabilities is incompatibility with their environment and their society.
    People are reluctant to associate with them and have negative thoughts about
    their physical condition. 

    barriers disabilities inclusion

    The consequence of this distinction is that they
    cannot influence many decisions made about themselves. This situation is found
    in all societies but in developing countries, it is seen to a worrying extent.
    Imaginatively, we believe that all human beings in the world are equal and have
    equal rights. On this basis, persons with disabilities should also have an
    equal right to participate in all spheres of life. To achieve this goal, all
    technical and practical resources should be used to facilitate people with
    disabilities, but we see that people with disabilities in our society, although
    they are called “
    special people“. 

    No special status is respected, no special
    opportunities are available to them. A better society ensures equal access to
    all human rights and facilities for persons with disabilities, but talking
    about the rights of persons with disabilities in Pakistani society is a dream
    come true. Pakistan needs an ideal society where people with physical, mental,
    and accidental disabilities, hearing impaired, and deaf people have all the
    facilities. All educational institutions ensure the admission of persons with

    All public and private institutions, places of
    entertainment, means of transportation should be accessible. It is gratifying
    that an important bill on the rights of persons with disabilities was passed in
    the previous government and the present government has included it in its
    five-year agenda, but it is unfortunate to say that government officials have
    no say in this regard. Hearts are not particularly interested, which is why
    people with disabilities are frustrated. We request the present government to
    ensure full implementation of all laws relating to persons with disabilities
    and also request all political parties to raise their voice in the issues and
    rights of persons with disabilities. 

    As far as social attitudes are concerned, people with
    physical and mental disabilities can have no complaints about it, no demands
    from society, they are guests of God among us. To treat them with kindness is
    to give thanks to Allah Almighty that we are not like that. Philanthropists
    have set up the best institutions in the country for the mentally retarded. The
    main subject of this article is people with physical disabilities because such
    disabilities only affect physical abilities. Mentally, such a person is
    completely healthy and endowed with all the faculties of thinking and

    Barries facing Person with Disabilities 

    Physically, however, they face some obstacles in
    performing their daily routine. But unfortunately, our society is itself the
    biggest obstacle in the quest for self-reliance of the physically challenged.
    First, we do not give physically challenged people the status of useful members
    of society. If a disabled child is born in a family, then the family considers
    it a calamity for them, but in the remaining families, it is considered as the
    punishment of Allah and the result of someone’s curse. 

    Such children become a burden to parents and these
    children are despised in comparison to their healthy and fit siblings. The wisdom
    is to give priority to healthy offspring. Their needs should be taken care of
    first. Their mental abilities should be diverted to positive paths and physical
    disability should be prevented from turning into mental disability. 

    The country’s highest court has viewed the treatment
    of persons with disabilities with dislike. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed had
    clearly stated in 2118 that the federation and the provinces are deliberately
    resorting to delaying tactics on the rights of persons with disabilities, even
    though we are far behind the world in the laws enacted concerning persons with
    disabilities. The existing laws are not being implemented. 

    The population of Person with Disabilities 

    According to a general estimate, five to ten percent
    of the population of Pakistan consists of persons with disabilities. In 1981,
    for the first time, legislation was enacted on special persons and a 2% quota
    was reserved for them in jobs. Another national policy for special persons was
    formulated in 2002. In 2006, the National Plan of Action for Special Persons
    was introduced. Under which there was talk of making the whole society a friend
    of the disabled. The plan was to provide special facilities for persons with
    disabilities in buildings, mosques, public places, but this plan was partially
    implemented. In 2009, a special transport policy for persons with disabilities
    was announced. The good news is that people with disabilities will be able to
    import duty-free vehicles, but none of these policies will be fully

    Absence of Disabilities in Legislations 

    The biggest reason for the impediment to legislation
    on persons with disabilities is the absence of persons with disabilities in the
    legislature. Due to the lack of representation of Persons of Disabilities in
    the National and Provincial Assemblies, no voice is raised for them. Political
    representatives who reach out to the National Assembly are not themselves aware
    of the problems of the disabled, so there is no legislation for them. 

    The main purpose of all laws is to provide balance,
    equality, and justice in society. All citizens have equal rights under the
    Constitution of Pakistan. No one is superior to anyone in health, employment,
    education, and all other fields. A person with a disability also has the same
    rights as an ordinary citizen based on his or her mental and physical
    abilities. This is his fundamental right, which he enjoys under the
    Constitution of Pakistan. 

    People with disabilities need caregivers, not

    In the developed world, such as the United States, the
    United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan, independent and private organizations
    provide services for people with severe disabilities to perform domestic and
    personal tasks, while these services are paid for by the government of the day. 

    Because of this service, people with disabilities can
    live their lives without being a burden on their families. Thanks to the best
    government policies in these countries and awareness of disability in society,
    people with severe disabilities strive for education and employment and are
    playing a positive and important role in the national economy instead of
    becoming a burden on society. 

    The Concept of Services 

    The concept of service delivery dates back to the late
    20th century in developed countries. But the religion that elevated humanity
    1400 years ago, the religion of Islam, first introduced the practical concept
    of providing services to the disabled. 

    This was the golden age of the second
    Caliphate of Hazrat Umar Farooq when the caliph of the time and his
    subjects were together at the table. Hazrat Omar Farooq saw a man-eating with
    his left hand. Upon which he asked the man why he was eating with his left
    hand. The man told Hazrat Omar Farooq that since his right arm had been cut off
    in a battle, he was forced to eat with his left hand. Hazrat Omar Farooq
    immediately provided a servant for the man and He fixed the duty of that
    servant from the treasury. 

    Unfortunately, disability in
    Pakistan is considered only sympathetic. The government and society have failed
    to make a concerted effort to address the basic needs of persons with
    People with disabilities also
    want their rights to be respected like the honorable citizens of Pakistan. They
    need education, health, accessible transport, accessible buildings, and
    employment to become useful and active members of society. 

    Like the developed countries, the
    provision of services in Pakistan should be part of the national system.
    Obstacles within the system in Pakistan hinder the desire
    of persons with disabilities to lead a better and normal life. 

    People with disabilities want
    facilities, not charities 

    Children with special needs and
    disabilities are among the most marginalized sections of Pakistani society.
    They are not visible to anyone, they have no identity, and no one remembers

    Compounding the issue is a lack of
    facilities for disabled children, particularly in education. In Pakistan, an
    estimated 1.4 million kids are deprived of any form of schooling simply because
    they have no access to it, increasing their disenfranchisement.
    People’s attitudes are often inattentive and based on
    baseless fabrications. Many families find it so difficult to cope with other
    people’s reactions that they are afraid to bring their special children into
    the world. 

    The journey from a dynamic life
    to a paralyzed life is extremely painful, but if the intentions are full of hope
    and enthusiasm, and man has a determination within himself, it is not at all
    difficult to cross the desert of possibilities from the impossible. 

    Western societies change their
    attitudes by treating people with disabilities as God’s creation in their way.
    A great example of this is Stephen Hawking. Despite his severe disability, he
    went through amazing milestones in his life. 

    Accessibility of Transportation 

    If all public and private
    buildings and public transport in Pakistan are made accessible to persons with
    disabilities, people with physical disabilities can easily make their
    contribution to society possible with the help of manual or electronic

    In developed countries such as
    the United States, Canada, and Japan, car companies also design vehicles for
    people with disabilities. If these vehicles are imported to Pakistan from
    abroad, heavy taxes are levied which prevents persons with disabilities from
    purchasing them. 

    A person with a disability has
    the right to equal opportunities, a process through which the environment,
    home, means of transportation, education, employment opportunities, and health
    care is provided. He should have the opportunity to enjoy sports and all stages
    of cultural life. In this regard, all the things or factors that stand in the
    way of full participation in these fields should be removed. The basic thing
    for a physically handicapped child is education, only based on better education
    can a handicapped child/individual easily decide all future stages of life,
    however, in our country, there is a lack of special arrangements for physically
    handicapped children in all schools. 

    Social inclusion of Persons with Disabilities 

    A person with a disability has
    the right to be part of the political and economic system after going through
    the educational process. Like a normal person, he should also work or do
    business, if his physical and mental abilities are suitable for that job,
    however, he should be given special privileges in this regard. Any employer in
    the UK who has more than twenty employees in their office, factory, or

    People with disabilities are
    legally required to provide 3% of jobs. Some of the jobs here are for
    registered persons with disabilities, such as telephone operators, car parking
    attendants or elevator operators, etc. There are officers in the employment
    department offices whose duties include resettlement of persons with
    disabilities. These officers provide training and employment opportunities to
    persons with disabilities and also assist them in obtaining various jobs. These
    officers arrange various courses for the sick and long-term unemployed people
    affected by accidents so that these people can make themselves functional.
    Travel expenses are also paid during the training, especially for those who are
    unable to travel by public transport due to disability. 

    Government must take concrete

    Similar arrangements should be
    made in Pakistan for people with disabilities at the private and public levels.
    Although the quota for persons with disabilities in government jobs is fixed at
    three percent, it should be increased to five percent as the number of persons
    with disabilities in society has multiplied in the last twenty years. 

    Steps should be taken to make
    society “friends with disabilities” to end the feeling of alienation
    and alienation from persons with disabilities. Ramp roads should be constructed
    keeping in view the needs of persons with disabilities, especially in the
    construction sector. Especially in mosques, because 99% of mosques do not have
    proper arrangements for the entry of persons with disabilities. 

    Public libraries, gardens,
    shopping centers, and other such places should be made accessible to persons
    with disabilities. Traffic has increased exponentially in all cities of the
    country, but there is no arrangement for people with disabilities to cross the
    road in any city. This deficiency can be overcome through underground routes.
    Especially in major cities, special underground lanes for road crossings should
    be constructed on a priority basis, so that not only the disabled but also the
    healthy citizens will be able to benefit from it. 


    The purpose of this article is to
    raise awareness about the special needs of these special children, to point out
    another aspect of disability, and to eliminate the misconceptions and
    fabrications that exist in this regard. The government of Pakistan must take concrete
    and practical steps for the betterment of Persons with Disabilities. 

    Serving human beings is the best way to attain nearness
    to God. But if the service of the deprived people of the society especially persons with disabilities is made the
    motto. So what could be better than that?