Russia-Ukrainian War 2022 

President Vladimir Putin has called for a “special military
” against Ukraine, which is not limited to the Russian-speaking
region of eastern Ukraine. Russia Ukraine’s history is so intertwined in its
origins that a certain period of its history is called the Caucasus Russia.
After the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Ukraine joined the Soviet Union
in 1919. 

Russian Ukraine War 

World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States, and Britain together
defeated the Tripartite Alliance of German Nazism and Fascism, in which the
Soviet Union played a key role and liberated Germany, Ukraine, and many Eastern
European countries from Hitler’s control.
When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine became a separate republic
through a referendum. 

defense agreement of the Warsaw Pact, which was established against the NATO
military block after the collapse of the Soviet Union, also ended. Thus, the
division of the capitalist camp and the socialist camp in Europe ended. Nevertheless,
things took a terrible turn and the United States became the sole superpower in
the world, and Western Europe as well as the member states of the Warsaw Pact
in Eastern Europe joined NATO. 

the siege around Russia became narrower, although, with the end of the Warsaw
Pact, it was expected that Europe would unite and that NATO would end. However,
the lone superpower, fearful of nuclear superpower Russia, kept Western and
Eastern Europe tied to NATO. 

Russian invasion of Ukraine 

recent conflict erupted in southeastern Ukraine (Donbas) where Russia is the
majority and the western part is based on racial segregation between Ukrainians
when on 21 November 2013 the then Ukrainian President Yanukovych signed an
alliance with the European Union. The treaty was suspended, and two days later,
a border war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.

located in the Black Sea on the Soviet Union’s main port of Sevastopol (which
was handed over to Ukraine in 1954 by Ukrainian President of the Soviet Union
Furochev) was restored to its former occupation by a referendum on March 18,

the impeachment motion against Ukrainian President Yanukovych, backed by the
Russian people in southeastern Ukraine, succeeded, and “Euromedian”
demonstrations erupted in Ukraine, seeking to establish ties with the European
Union. As a result, Ukraine became divided. 

In Ukraine, fierce fighting broke out between the
families of two politicians, Yanukovych and Timoshenko, and their parties.
Meanwhile, in the Russian-Ukrainian war of Donbas, the Dominican Republic and
Luhansk declared their independence. 

During the civil war, two trilateral agreements were
reached in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, under which the Dominican Republic
and Luhansk were granted territorial sovereignty, guaranteed by the
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). But the
organization, and in particular Germany and France, did not play the role that
the treaty required. 

Russian President Putin, meanwhile, insisted on a new
“indivisible security” security structure in Europe, but Britain and
the United States did not allow that to happen, instead of trying to persuade
Ukraine to join NATO. In his strongest support, the current President of
Ukraine, Vladimir Mirzulinsky, took to the field. Instead of adhering to the
Minsk agreements, efforts were intensified to bring Ukraine into the European
Union and NATO.

Russia’s threats to its security increased after the
former Soviet states of Eastern Europe joined NATO and the European Union, and
it drew the red line that Georgia and Ukraine would never join NATO. 

That is why Russia invaded Ukraine and intended to
destroy Ukraine’s defense forces and close the door on Ukraine’s participation
in NATO. In addition, the recognition of the two “newly independent”
states of southeastern Ukraine and the formation of a taxing political system
in western Ukraine. 

Ukrainian President Zelensky, meanwhile, is frustrated
with the United States and NATO nations that he has been left alone in the war
and is ready to negotiate with Russia. The difference now is where the talks
take place, in Minsk or Warsaw. The United States and NATO are now said to have
withdrawn from Ukraine’s ground support over Russia’s nuclear threat. However,
they have announced economic sanctions against Russia. 

Even if Europe does now, especially Germany, Italy, and
France, 40% of its gas and about a third of its oil comes from Russia and 70%
of Russia’s gas and half of its oil is exported to Europe. Russia is the
European Union’s largest trading partner, accounting for 37% of Europe’s world
trade. Due to this bilateral trade dependence, economic sanctions on Russia
will hurt Western Europe more than Russia. 

Now that China has become a major global economic power
and is becoming a major partner of Russia in the new alignment of Eurasia, it
seems to be standing with Russia. Under these circumstances, Russia’s blockade
of the United States is part of the global alignment of the Atlantic and
Pacific Oceans and is a manifestation of the new Cold War. 

In the age of globalized trade and investment, which requires
a globalized world and global supply chains, economic sanctions affect the
entire global market. If Russia is affected then the western world will also be

Russia’s blockade by NATO is not only dangerous for world
peace and the security of the planet. Rather, but it is also creating the
conditions for the wider Eurasian region to become a new block with a few
exceptions, which is possible with the cooperation of China and Russia. 

In this situation, India is stuck in an old dilemma, but
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the same position that Jawaharlal Nehru
took during the Hungarian crisis. 

In such a situation, the visit of the Prime
Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was an untimely mode of life suited to one
stage. The world is going to change in the next 20 years, and we need to move
beyond the old American Aid dreams and focus on CPEC, which could include

Russian-Ukraine Conflict Reason 

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has
justified his attacks on Ukraine by saying that his country was in grave danger
from Ukraine. It is urging countries to guarantee that Ukraine will not join
the NATO alliance. Russia does not tolerate NATO being allowed to deploy its
weapons in Ukraine, because when Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, it will have
the right to install any kind of weapons in Ukraine, which is not acceptable to
Russia. This is the threat posed to Russia, while Ukrainian President Vladimir
Ember Zelensky has often been heard to say that Ukraine has no choice but to
join the NATO alliance to ensure its security. 

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited
Russia on the eve of the war. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was in Russia
the morning Russian President Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine. These
things are also circulating in Pakistan and some people think that Imran Khan
has chosen the wrong time for his visit. 

This is the first visit of a Pakistani Prime
Minister to Russia in almost 23 years. The last time former Prime Minister Mian
Nawaz Sharif visited Moscow was in 1999. Some political and foreign affairs
analysts also claim that the time chosen for the visit could send a message to
world powers that Pakistan is not with the US-led Western alliance in the
Ukraine crisis. Rather, it stands with Russia. 

But National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf
dismissed all speculations about the timing of Imran Khan’s visit, saying
“yes there is global tension but our visit is bilateral and this visit is
like China. Our visit includes economic issues.” We are not in a single
camp. While it was also observed that Pakistani staff, students, and citizens
present in Ukraine consider themselves insecure and are appealing to the
Pakistani government to return to the country. 

History tells us that Russia is undoubtedly
more powerful than Ukraine in terms of defense capabilities and other powers,
and Ukraine knows that. 

Russia also gave Pakistan the gift of steel
mills when the United States, considering Pakistan an economic failure, refused
trade agreements. 

Pakistan also has close ties with Ukraine. For
more than a decade now, Pakistan’s ambassador to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv,
has been stationed. Defense cooperation between Pakistan and Ukraine is
increasing, especially in the field of defense production, and several projects
are being implemented between the two countries based on technology exchange
and joint ventures. 

The armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia
will not only affect Europe but also the region of the Middle East and North
Africa. The reason will be most affected. If the Russia-Ukraine war is
prolonged, there will be a dangerous war between the European countries as
well, but our international affairs analysts point to the third world war.
Because the United States is speaking openly against Russia. 

Russian-Ukraine Conflict 2022 

When Jessica, a student in Ukraine, wanted to
escape the war in Ukraine and go to a safe place across the border, she was
told that if you were black, you would have to go on foot. This proves that
even if there is a war, the issue of caste still exists during the war. 

By the way, this dispute should be resolved
amicably at the table. The two countries, Russia and Ukraine, should not allow
elements that spoil the negotiation process to interfere, and negotiations must
be conducted through dialogue. 

All these excerpts are taken from international
newspapers and magazines.