HBL was the first commercial bank to be
established in Pakistan in 1947
. HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank, was the first
commercial bank to be established in Pakistan in 1947. Over the years, HBL has
grown its branch network and maintained its position as the largest private
sector bank in Pakistan with over 1,650+ branches and 2,100+ ATMs globally,
serving 23 million+ customers worldwide. Habib Bank Limited is the largest bank
in Pakistan, to a large extent. And there is a fully established banking chain
all over the world. HBL, in partnership with Jubilee Life Insurance, brings
specially designed products. Which meets the protection, savings, and investment
needs of HBL customers. 

Habib bank HBL

Habib Bank Plaza Karachi Pakistan

Habib Bank Limited is a Pakistani multinational bank.
Based in Karachi, HBL is the largest bank in Pakistan in terms of assets. The
bank offers many attractive options for the customers. This is the pride of
Habib Bank Limited and also the thing that keeps drawing people back to them.
With a simple HBL account opening procedure, there is no reason. That you
should not consider it. HBL Savings Account and HBL Current Account also offer
HBL Internet Banking or HBL Net Banking, which makes HBL account balance check
very easy. 

    How to open an account in HBL 

    It is easy to open an account with Habib Bank Limited. To
    open an HBL account, you only need two copies of CNIC with proof of business or
    employment. The HBL savings account is particularly attractive. While a minimum
    balance of 000 10,000 is required, HBL Savings Account offers an interest rate
    of 8.51% on savings. This makes the HBL Savings Account one of the best
    accounts available in Pakistan. Ready to open an HBL account? You can visit the
    nearest HBL branch to get your savings account or current account. HBL online
    account opening facility is also available. Get your HBL bank account today. 

    Overview Open Account 

    You can register for a Konnect Account through any of the
    following channels 


    Why HBL Internet Banking or Net Banking? 

    Opening an HBL account is a breeze. What makes it better?
    That is internet banking. Internet banking greatly enhances the banking
    experience. It keeps financial transactions just a click away and lets you view
    your balance in real-time. However, many Internet banking services need to
    increase security. But HBL’s portal is very secure. 
    Let’s find out why you should use HBL Internet Banking.
    After opening an HBL account, you need to find a way to reduce bank visits.
    Internet banking is the solution. Many features are offered to make things
    easier for you. We will look at each of them. 

    Account Access via HBL Net Banking 

    The first major benefit of HBL Internet Banking is access
    to account statements. This means you can check your balance at any time. It
    also means you have easy online access to all your transactions. You can even
    find out the interest earned on your HBL Savings Account! Traditionally, one
    has to visit a bank for an HBL account balance check. The ability to receive
    HBL account balance checks without the need to visit a bank is a favorite. 

    Ease of Payment of Utility Bills 

    Another important feature of HBL Internet Banking is bill
    payment. You can pay multiple bills using this feature. With this service, you
    no longer have to visit a bank to pay your bills. You can do this by clicking
    on the button. Online shopping has also been made easy for you. You can also
    run Instant HBL Account Balance Check after payment! With this service, your
    HBL card management also becomes easier. Now you can manage only your Habib
    Bank Limited Card using an online facility. 

    HBL Internet Payment Gateway enables your website or
    online store, mobile app & Facebook shop to accept payments through Visa /
    MasterCard/ UnionPay Credit and Debit cards. This includes local as well as
    international cards. Through this service, institutions accept payments
    directly from their customers via their website which adds great convenience to
    the customers as well. The state-of-the-art solution utilizes the 3D-Secure
    platform for added security in addition to the integrated fraud management tool
    to help protect from internet hacking and fraud attempts. 

    Apply HBL Internet Payment Gateway 

    HBL Internet Banking Deals 

    There are many deals available for card users. By using
    your HBL card, you can access many discounts. This ensures the best savings for
    you and your family. The facilities available online are truly amazing. 

    HBL Deals

    HBL Internet Banking Functionality 

    If you have not yet registered for it, you should opt for
    HBL Online Banking today. A key feature of the HBL app is functionality.
    Although most apps are not secure and their interfaces are poor, HBL makes the
    service perfect. This means you can easily use their internet banking. With
    this feature and HBL Account Balance Check, we see very little reason for you
    not to use it! Both HBL Savings Account and HBL Current Account users can use
    this service. Register for HBL Internet Banking today. 

    Active HBL Debit and Credit Cardholders may opt for the HBL
    InternetBanking channel to conduct electronic transactions. This channel is
    provided to the customers to facilitate them with conducting transactions from
    the comfort of their homes without having to go to their branches. Like other
    Alternate Distribution Channels (ADC) channels, transaction limits are
    applicable on HBL InternetBanking and are system-driven. This channel is secure
    as financial transactions are conducted by using two passwords i.e. one for
    login and the second for financial transaction authorization. All charges
    applicable to the customers are mentioned in the current Schedule of Bank
    Charges (SOBC) for reference which is also available on the HBL website for
    customers’ ease. 

    Habib Bank Limited Contact Information 

    Habib Bank Limited is a bank of Pakistan located in Habib
    Bank Plaza II. Chaudhry Road, Karachi-75650, Pakistan. Habib Bank Limited
    provides all possible contact information to customers to contact them via
    email, fax, phone, or physically located branch. You can contact Habib Bank
    Limited by email at customer.complaints@hbl.com. Anyone wishing to use fax for
    contacting or inquiring about the accounts or services of Habib Bank Ltd. may
    contact them through Habib Bank Ltd. Provides instant UAN and head office
    numbers. For customers to contact them via 111-111-425, you can find more
    information about the account details, the terms of service on their website,
    their promotion offers, and other credit and debit card services at https://www.hbl.com 

    Contact Centre 

    You can reach
    out to our respective helplines for any queries or assistance: 

    • General
      Helpline: 111-111-425 
    • Remittance
      Helpline: 111-555-425 
    • Konnect
      Helpline: 111-425-111 
    • Merchant
      Acquisition: 111-777-425 
    • Ehsaas Kafaalat
    • Mera Pakistan
      Mera Ghar Helpline: 033-77-786-786 
    • For Pakistan, HBL’s Outbound Caller ID is 9041

    HBLInternetBanking Login