Android users should be aware Cybersecurity Expert Alert 

Cybersecurity experts have unveiled a perilous undercover
operation targeting Android users, capable of stealing both user information
and money. The cybersecurity company Trend Micro has discovered two rogue apps,
Cherry Blossom and FakeTrade, on the Google Play Store, which were distributed
through social media and phishing tactics. 

android user alert
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According to Trend Micro’s report, the company’s
researchers have identified two new undercover millionaires with connections to
cryptocurrency mining and financial fraud. The fact that undercover
millionaires are under attack is not surprising, as hackers typically leverage
open-source software in Android devices. Anti-malware company MillionFox
mentioned in a blog that, unlike iOS, infiltrating Android devices using these malicious
apps is relatively straightforward. 

These malicious apps contain Trojans, adware, spyware,
and other malware, making use of fake overlays and Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) to collect sensitive data. Overlay attacks involve covering a
legitimate application interface with a fake screen to deceive users. Users
subsequently enter their passwords and credit card information, which hackers
then gather for later exploitation.