is important with time, it has become increasingly necessary to reduce our
dependence on fossil fuels, because it is reducing to a large extent and it is
time to turn to renewable resources, such as wind energy. However, renewable
energy sources have their advantages and disadvantages also.

are as follows:


1: Wind
energy is an environment-friendly and useful energy resource, as it does not
need any fossil fuels to be burnt to generate electricity for our daily from
wind energy.

2: Wind
turbines require less space as compared to the average electric power station.
Windmills merely require a few square meters for the base, which permits the
additional land surrounding the turbine to be used for further ideas, for
example, agriculture.

3: Newer,
better technologies are being incorporated to make the lineage of wind energy
much more efficient and have good working performance. Most of all, the wind is
free, we must take benefit from it.

4: Wind
turbines are excellent to generate or produce energy in remote areas, where it
is difficult to supply power through traditional means of electricity such as
mountain communities and other far off countryside places. Wind turbines have
different sizes to support varying population levels according to their needs.

5: When
combined with solar electricity, this energy can be quite better for countries
to provide a steady, stable, reliable supply of electricity.


1: The
huge demerits of wind power are the unreliability factor. Wind turbines can
only be installed in areas that have sufficient and enough strong wind. Besides,
if the wind strength is good, but varies over time, you can solve this problem
by combining solar panels with wind turbines to produce power.

2: Wind
turbines generally produce much less electricity as compared to the average
fossil-fuelled power station. This means that a great number of wind turbines
have to be built to make an impact. Also, take benefits to obtain require daily

3: Wind
turbine creation and construction can be enough expensive and costly to
surrounding wildlife during the building process.

4: Commercial
wind turbines can produce heavy noise and can cause noise pollution, as their
noise is sometimes similar to a small jet engine, which is against human