in the open air and clean air is very important for human health. However, in
this advanced and scientific age, man has neither the clean air nor the open
air. In this modern age, man is forced to live a polluted life.

only is this polluted life-afflicting human beings with numerous diseases, but
they are suffering from mental illness instead of living an active life. Air
is the main cause of the increasing environmental pollution, which is
becoming a major obstacle to building a healthy society.

manufactured goods and when mixed with various other types of waste, the smoke
emitted causes air pollution and the toxic gas and particles emitted into it
are added to the atmosphere. They have adverse effects on human health and can
lead to complex diseases of the lungs as well as throat. 

Environmentalists have
expressed concern that large populations of developing countries live near the
pile of rubbish. If the same situation persists, a variety of physical and
mental illnesses will be born in these countries, which is a cause for problems
for any healthy society.

to the investigation, the waste piles emit numerous toxic gases. Countries like
India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, which make up about one-fifth of the world, are
being affected. Experts say that toxic substances can cause problems for
children who are nourished in the uterus, which are at risk for mental

general impression is that global warming bombs are several times more
dangerous than, nuclear bombs with their effects far more dangerous. The summer
heat is getting worse and the heat is rising in comparison to the past. While
the winter season is shrinking. Due to climatic variations, the damage from
storm rains, flood rails, hurricanes in various countries is increasing, and it
is showing some sort of drought and scarcity situation.

all of these are the result of global warming. Climate change is affecting
agriculture and food shortages are increasing as well. On the other hand,
industrial production is also being affected because most of the raw material
in the manufacture of goods comes from the agricultural sector.

has a great balance in the universe and this balance is the guarantee of the
survival of the universe. Ever since man has invaded the environment around
him, this balance has not been maintained. The main reason for this is human involvement
in the universe. Environmental pollution is at the forefront of these dangerous
and deadly activities. 

sources and resources adopted by human beings for the sake of affordable
facilities and convenience have not only run-down the environment condition, but
have made it a destination for many types of pollution.

of Pollution:

the mix of chemicals and harmful elements in our atmosphere water and soil has
risen to an alarming extent. There are many reasons for the increase in
pollution. Although human beings have made a lot of progress, the focus on
human health and the risks to the environment has been minimal. It is a pity
that today humans have degraded this great balance in their environment. Humanity
is at greater risk of four types of pollution.

Air: Air pollution occurs when particles of harmful substances in the
atmosphere rise. This pollution affects all kinds of organisms because, without
water, the concept of life is not possible. Forest fires and the coal industry
are a major cause of this pollution. In large cities, smoke from cars and
factories is increasing. In many major cities, this can sometimes make it
difficult for people to breathe. Air pollution was the cause of smog in Punjab
and Sindh last winter. In Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and other major cities,
the outbreaks are spreading various kinds of diseases, including respiratory
diseases and allergies. Effective handling of this is not being done. The need
is to promote eco-friendly public transport and prevent hazardous smoke
emanating from factories. 

air pollution

Earth: Many hazardous chemicals have inadvertently become part of our
daily life such as plastic and pesticides. They pollute the earth. Industrial
waste is also a major cause of ground pollution. In Pakistan, pesticides are
being used indiscriminately on crops, affecting human life along with the land. 

Earth pollution

Water: Clean water is a blessing but it is becoming a dream. Our rivers,
lakes, and seas are being polluted. Pollution has also reached underground
water. This is due to the mixing of dangerous chemical elements with water.
Reasons for this include mixing waste and sewage into factories. Accidents of
ships with hazardous chemicals and petroleum products lead to increased
pollution. The concept of life is without water, so it is important to protect
it from pollution. Water pollution directly affects agriculture as well as
humans. According to a UNICEF study, 40% of patients in Pakistani hospitals
suffer from contaminated water-borne illnesses. 

water pollution

Noise: If we consider noise to be bad, it is considered by the desperate
people to enjoy it, such as listening to music aloud and loud crackers becoming
part of the culture on the occasion of marriage. Noisy hearing loss Occurs,
especially as the problem progresses with age. Noise can cause hypertension,
another extremely dangerous illness. Continuous high-level noise for up to
eight hours increases blood pressure by five to ten points. Sensitivity to
mechanical devices and traffic is increasing the noise, which disturbs comfort.
Citizens of Pakistan and the government will have to work together to overcome
all kinds of pollution. In this regard, the developed Western countries bear a
great deal of responsibility, for two basic reasons. First, the western
countries, initially the most polluted, in the world. Secondly, they have
eco-friendly technology that can overcome the problem of pollution by
developing countries like Pakistan. 

noise pollutions

in Pakistan:

as well as terrorism threat for Pakistan. Environmental experts state
that environmental disorders are the second largest issue after terrorism. An
article on the ‘environmental issue of Pakistan’ has published in an American
magazine described that the post-devastating flood had occurred in the country
because of the environmental disorders and changes. An increasing disorder in
the Pakistani environment and increasing problem in an irrigation system is
thirty 30 percent responsible for recent flood disaster. According to
environmental experts, while 70 percent of the flood disaster is due to these
above-mentioned disorders.

on the road cause toxic smoke to increase air pollution. In our case, the car
is used in every case. There is a shortage of vegetable and environmentally friendly
plants in and around these roads. Besides, lack of proper maintenance of the
vehicle is also a cause of environmental deterioration. The sources used to
generate electricity are also contributing to air pollution, which is pushing
people to death ahead of time. Therefore, natural sources must be used to
generate electricity so that environmental pollution is reduced. Like other
countries in the world, steps are being taken in Pakistan. The project is being
worked out in collaboration with the US-based OPEC to obtain wind power in
Sindh, which is an environmentally friendly initiative.

of Flood in Pakistan: 

people have built buildings in front of the flow of water. Due to which the
water does not get the way and the issue of flooding occurs. 

Impressions of the 2010 Flood Destruction

areas are also prone to diseases.

diseases begin to spread in flood-hit areas. Flooding destroys all crops,
causing stomach and skin diseases in flood victims due to a lack of clean water
and food and environmental pollution.

2010 flood not only destroyed homes but also deprived the victims of the
administrative structure. The situation of the affected people who arrive at
relief camps on difficult routes is not much better.

devastation caused by the floods is yet to be estimated.

the result may be, it certainly proves that Pakistan is still unable to cope
with the monsoon flood or to reduce the loss of life and property.

cannot be prevented, however, and many countries have reduced property and crop
destruction and lost human lives through flood management and control

did this flood come about and what were its causes, and can they be stopped or
not at all? Our government never bothered to consider it.


is now the duty of the government to keep the focus of the flood victims despite
all the busyness and to take all possible steps to restore them in such a
critical situation that it may be possible to restore these victims back to
their homes. While the complete loss of these poor cannot be possible, the
government should even try to help them as far as possible.


Renewable Energy: Solar
power or renewable energies should be introduced and their panels cheapened so
that the poorest of the poor could buy and use them.

: Awareness campaigns should be launched at the grassroots level to
reduce pollution. Therefore, that people can understand the problem. Moreover,
contribute to reducing pollution. 

Labor: Sadly, farming is done every year in
this country but its benefits have not yet been seen. Trees are a gift of
power, providing free oxygen. Therefore, it is important that people be made
aware of the benefits of planting trees and that cutting down trees is a
national offense. It should be strictly implemented.

from this, we have to find permanent solutions to the factories and hospitals
and cities.

the number of bikes and take stringent tests for motorcycle running.
the cycle. Make tracks on the roads for cyclists. Low cost but good bicycles to
be distributed among people. Also bicycles that can be run in hilly areas.

buses should be issued for inner-city travel. This process will reduce the
number of vehicles, cars, etc. In addition, there will be less traffic on the
roads as well. Buses should be provided to schools, colleges, universities so
that students can travel on buses instead of cars. 

prevent negative changes in the environment, a farming campaign should be

and home dirt should be rinsed in water, controlling the emission of toxic

year on World Environment Day on June 5, public attentiveness should be raised.

public should be made aware of hygiene issues. That if they did not keep their
environment clean, one day it would be their death.


is a very serious problem for the present day. Our land and atmosphere are
irreparably damaged by pollution. We believe that the biggest cause of all the difficulties
and problems of the planet is the people living here. In addition, large-scale
deforestation has led to deterioration in the balance of the soil. While these
trees convert carbon, gases in the atmosphere back to life-sustaining oxygen.
Now our basic and common duty is to have each person that we must grow as many
plants as possible. Which is a source of clean air at his convenience?
Polythene bags should be minimized and recycled items should be used so that
the chances of becoming garbage are minimal. As a nation, we have to look after
our responsibilities. It has to be controlled for the survival of its own and
future generations.